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Ape Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by shekel, May 31, 2011.

  1. Have looked in here from time to time - have few mates here too - so thought I should join and say hello. IAW Hornet's instructions I should say that I've been riding since 1971 (trail bikes we called them then) and am well into my 6th decade on this mortal coil. Previously I've spent years on the ADV site and now regularly haunt the AF1 Aprilia forums. I'm a country boy these days, happily holed up in the rolling hills of Northern NSW. Wife also rides and loves her Guzz V7C.

    Ooops is that the time, gotta ride.:biker:
  2. What a fuggin waste of time that was. Outa here.:butt:
  3. Welcome to the forum buhhhdy
  4. must have missed you first time, sorry for no welcome then :(

    Good to have another senior rider join the site; I've seen two years past the sixth decade myself, I might be older, but riding is still a passion.

    I guess you've got some nice roads up there too :)
  5. We are a similar age Hornet, but I'm sure I'm much faster than you. However, I'll try and behave while I'm here.:bannanabutt:
  6. Everyone here is faster than me, but I have the fastest keyboard in the west :LOL:

    I started riding in '74, but on road bikes, Yamaha RD-250 was my first, the terror of the Putty Road I was!