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ape hangers

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tristan82, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. are ape bars legal? Im in SA and one of the peter stevens guys told me noooooooooooooooooo

  2. Well, they're out there. If they are illegal, I wouldn't wanna be the cop who tells some of those guys they can't use them! :shock:
  3. They probably are, but you're also very unlikely to have any legal trouble over them.
  4. I sort of think that this question is like 'are these pipes legal'. Probably not, but will any thing be done about it. Maybe it is a put them on and take your changes dilemma.
  5. Comfy as well.

  6. That's a classic.... laugh every time I see it, and then wonder, how the hell do you twist the throttle.
  7. I wonder how he counter-steers...
  8. With his feet. :LOL:
  9. Does it matter ? They look ridiculous.
  10. i spose its all good 'til you crash and the insurance company wont pay out because of the illegal mods.

    anyway saw a vstar with relatively modest 12inch bars and reckon it looked awesome.
  11. I like ape hangers within reason, these are cool IMO.

  12. that site is awesome!

    one thing i noticed over there during my travels was the number of custom/modded bikes parked on the streets.

    hardly a stock bike in sight
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    Came across this video for the second time, of an SR with ape hangers. The first time I saw it I thought, "No, that's all wrong!" Now I'm thinking it's pretty cool (not that I'd do the hard-tail or have such high bars myself, but they're pretty damn cool! I'm thinking of a lower version, like a 70's Bonnie, for my bike).


    (God that SR sound does it to me! :))
  14. I don't know the particulars of the law in regards to ape hangers, but I think you need to answer a question yourself first - exactly what do you define as ape hangers?

    Personally - any bars that put your arms ABOVE your seated shoulder height I would term ape hangers, and if you're a tall rider thats some latitude.

    The base model Virago XV250 has ape hanger styled bars but I'd not call them hangers (too low).
  15. I know the relevant details for NSW modifications to motorcycles...they can be found here. Sorry if that isn't much help for everyone elsewhere.

    Basically in NSW you are limited to a rise of 380mm from the yoke to the highest point of the bars if the bike is pre 30/06/88. Post that, and the distance from the lowest point of the handgrip must not be greater than 380mm. Those are the two limiting factors...so looks like large ape hangers are illegal, but as said above I doubt this is rigorously enforced. There are also limitations on the width of bars, as well as the horizontal yoke to front axle length and sissy bars.

    Cheers - boingk
  16. Was thinking about this thread as I'm really getting into ape hangers, and a good reply if the OP is still looking for them, or for any future wild child perusing this thread and exploding their mind, is to ask here:


    And I know this guy is very helpful and can get them in for Jap bikes (7/8" - 22mm) http://www.vanem.com.au/

    Crazy man, crazy!