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ape hangers and a roadworthy

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by spongesam, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Pending a test ride i'm decided on a new streetbob.
    Now, it's actually a little while away due to the bank being a scrooge.

    In the mean time, i'm planning a change of bars for my current ride... I want 18" apes.
    Now, I know there is a clearance (bars->tank) design rule... (can only be of a certain distance)

    but, does this prevent a roadworthy?
    and what is the actual clearance amount?
  2. NSW for bikes post 1988
    a) The handlebar must have the same shape and be of same length on either side of the front wheel and steering head assembly.
    b) The distance between the extreme ends of the handle bar (X) must not be less than 500mm and not more than 900mm.
    c) The height of the lowest part of the handgrip must not be more than 380mm above the lowest part of the upper surface of the rider’s seat (Y).
    d) The horizontal distance between midpoint of the steering yoke bearing and a point vertically above the centre of the front wheel must not exceed 550mm.

    Motorcycles manufactured after June 1988
    The height of the lowest part of the handgrip above the lowest part of the
    upper surface of the driver’s seat shall not exceed 380mm.

    I think it's the same as NSW but I'll chase it up - and yes it's not roadworthy if it's outside the allowable limits.

    By the way there used to be a saying - the higher the bars - the lower the intelligence :p :LOL:
  3. From VSI4.9

    Handlebars on all motorcycles and mopeds must be at least 500mm wide and not more than 900mm wide, and must be mounted symetrically.
    The handgrips must be not more than 380mm higher than the point of attachment of the handlebars to the vehicle.

    The riser is the "point of attachment" so, 12" bars on 12" risers (24" total above top clamp) are legal. 18" bars are not.
  4. so massive risers is the way to go... 18" risers on a flat drag bar... SICK
  5. And to the strickest interpretation of the standard... TOTALLY LEGAL :wink:
  7. You really do have to wonder about stupid rules just for the sake of them.

    Many road registered trail bikes would struggle with both of these criteria.

    The distance in c is of borderline importance and I would say it would become important only closer to 600mm. What but was 380mm pulled out of?

    The distance in d is of no importance, rather the stress it creates is important. interestingly you could have really, really long forks so long as the angle is steep enough. Now that would be safe.

    idiots in power.
  8. Apehangers.

    Says it all.
  9. They keep the knuckles from dragging on the ground in transit. :wink:
  10. street bob is a nice choice

    have you considered www.harleystoaus.com ---- save yourself some big $$$ and get a bike sooner

    I know the operators personally and have seen some of the bikes they are top notch used examples

    tell em Marinko sent you
  11. The laws were specifically introduced in order to outlaw chops and marginalise those who rode them. No other reason. That's not just my opinion, that's from talking to (some of) the guys who wrote them.

    Of course, they only outlaw Paul Sample (Ogri) interpretations of chopperdom. An imaginative builder can still turn out a decent custom that complies completely :twisted:.