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apartment in st kilda

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. http://realestate.ozfreeonline.com/...ious-Affordable-As-Well-As-Available-St-Kilda

  2. Does it have a dishwasher?
  3. I don't get it...? Is it because it's $700 a week?
  4. I am with Loz on this one.
    I can't see the joke
  5. +1 I just didn't want to say so first and look (more) stupid :p

    It atually looks like a grouse pad!
  6. Yeah I didn't get it either - thought it must have been something to do with it's location (all Melbourne's the same to me).
  7. I think it is the quite, friendly information part?
  8. Although the English isn't great, I've missed the joke entirely also :?
  9. :? I want that five minutes back please :cry: *sniff*
  10. Gotta be the $700 a week....(?)
  11. Hahahahahaha no wait, I get it.... You just have to look closely!

  12. St Kilda is a quiet area?

    I lived here with my family?
  13. I'm a lover, I might like it :)
  14. i just assumed it was the

  15. I think it's $700 an hour.
    So yeah, it does sound very friendly!

  16. :? Been over it a couple of times now, still can't see the joke...
  17. The fact it's located on a corner?
  18. Is it the fact that its a 1 bedroom apartment that this guy used to live in with his family? Or the fact that its a 1 bedroom apartment with a room next door with beds for other people to stay over???
  19. Still not getting it - TELL ME - *stomp*