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Apartment gate won't open

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by S1L3NT, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Im just looking for some tips for getting my apartment gate to detect me on my bike so it will bloody open up! At the moment I move my bike to the gate, run to ground floor and open from outside than quickly push my bike out before gate hits me haha. Quite annoying. My building is new and apparently a strata hasn't been appointed yet, complaining to my real estate agency has been of no success.

    I believe we have an induction loop at for opening the gate, which is in general a bit dodgy and doesn't detect my car if i come at it from the side, i have to drive over it than come back for it to open. I sat on my bike and tried every possible position over this induction loop with no luck. Tried with my side stand down in a few positions, mainly putting it down where the epoxy covers the wires. I pulled the 2 magnets out of an old hard drive and taped them together and held it between my fingers and ran it over part of the loop with no luck. Chucked the magnet onto my exhaust (closest piece of metal to the ground) parallel with the ground and again, was unable to open the door....

    Is there anything left for me to try or am I stuck doing this annoying process to get my bike out until strata is appointed for my building?
  2. Push the starter button?
  3. Not sure if it's the same up in Syd as down here in Melb, but in Melb until such time as a Body Corporate is put in place your pleas will fall upon deaf ears, the real estate agent isn't authorized to arrange repairs on common property, if they do they could get left holding the bag.

    Ask your real estate agent if they can put you in touch with the chairman of the body corporate committee, it'll most likely be someone who lives in the building who has been nominated by the collective owners of the other apartments in the building.

    Failing that, you could try an old trick we used to use to access the vacant carpark next door - place a decent sized piece of metal across left or right edge the induction loop (in our case we used a street sign), boomgate would open, move the sign off the loop to close. I have my doubts whether this will work though because you've already said it doesn't pick up your bike.
  4. I had the same problem where I used to park, nothing worked, not even the body corporate. I used to have to park in front of the gate, run out the front through the side door, swipe, run in, jump on the bike and go. Pain in the arse. A lady one day suggested I lay it on its side cause that worked for her pushbike...

    Anyhow, I tried the magnets, they never work anywhere.
  5. @smileedude@smileedude Tried that also. I forgot to write that one in. Didn't work. :(

    @PoJo777@PoJo777 Thats what I was told by the real estate agent. Will have to try and get in touch with the committee and see if I can make a complaint or something to get the sensitivity increased. There is a bloke with a bike and a someone with a scooter, however in the 6 weeks I have been at the apartment they have not moved a single cm from where they were parked... So I guess that have the issue too haha. Will have to find a piece of metal to drag across, but even that really isn't any more convenient than what I am doing right now, running around :\

    @Reesa@Reesa Yeah that is similar to what I do right now, except we dont have a side door so I have to jump in the lift, head to ground floor, run all the way around my apartment block to get to the garage and swipe door open and quickly push the bike out. Door timer is shit also. Has started to come down on the car a few times as well. Yeah I heard that "lay it sideways" suggestion also, which was stupid haha.

    Looks like I am stuck in the parking garage, well atleast stuck having to run around like an idiot haha. :( Was hoping someone had a few more tricks that I havn't tried.
  6. Yeah hunt down the building manager and get them on side. They might be able to help.
  7. Real estate has to give me details for the building manager right? Its our first time renting...
  8. Yeah, if they don't just ask a few other residents in the building, any resident who owns their apartment will know who it is.
  9. They should, property managers aren't known for their diligence though.
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  10. Guess I will just have to be a bit of a pain in the arse till they let me open the gate with my bike. I tried to find a button (im quite tall and can just see part of the gate opening machine) but no luck :(
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  11. Ride the bike into the lift
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  12. What if it's too heavy? Fatty boombah buzzer might go off.
  13. Well yeah, coz inductive loop detectors don't work on magnetism or induced current (or weight).

    Lies to children explanation:
    The loop has a natural frequency of oscillation. It will resonate at a particular frequency (google "tank circuit").

    When you introduce a conductive object to the area, the natural frequency changes. You can detect this in a few ways but the result is the same.

    Ferrous materials work better (iron, steel etc).

    So the usual trick is to add some steel to your bike lower down, closer to the ground. Like stuck on the bottom of your sump. How much depends on the sensitivity of the loop and how far you are away from affecting the resonance enough to trip whatever detector they're using.

    OP: The sensitivity is usually adjustable, your problem is just finding someone who has access and the inclination to adjust it. Some people report success by putting the side stand down in the loop as well.
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  14. 180kg wet - that's only 3 ½ jockeys
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  15. Haha you know what.... I might just have to ride into the lift. Hahahaha, best idea so far.

    That will have to do until I can get someone to change the sensitivity of the thing. I wonder how the dude on the scooter gets out? If he ever even does.... The CBR250RR thats also in the garage definetly hasn't moved once...
  16. I've rented a few residential carparks around the CBD, most of the bikes I have seen in them never get ridden.
  17. I am not near the CBD :p But the car they drive is definetly driven daily haha. The poor bike just sits there all lonely :p Doesnt help me either way haha.
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  18. Is there any chance that garage door can be open remotely? I have a similar system. My motorcycle (Triumph Street Triple) cannot trigger induction loop, but I have remote control.
    Believe me or not, but pushbike (good old aluminium frame, no modern carbon at all) easily does the job. I guess the frame acts as an antenna.
    I did a funny experiment with this thing, and, haha, it works much better than a motorcycle. Just swing it a few times 5-7 cm from the ground...
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  19. @SkyDance@SkyDance Hahaha Antenna idea is a funny one. The door is opened by a swipe card from the outside, from the inside I see no way to open it at all. Be that a remote, button or anything. It is set to open by "detect". It can be changed to loop fault and something else that I cant really see due to the wierd position. I might take a chair down there and jump on it to see if I can see anything better. The roof is about 2.5m high, so just outside of my 2m height. I can reach up, but cant really see up there.