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Apart from Elizabeth St, Melb - where are the bike "str

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DVL, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Looking for a run of sales outlets to check out both new and used stock.

    Aprreciate any advice.

  2. Do a SEARCH
    The answers you seek will be found.
    PLease acquaint yourself with this site first then ask the same old question.
    sorry to sound harsh but the answers you seek are easy to find.

    Forum Etiquette Do's and Dont's
    * DO lurk before you post. Read the rules and some existing threads. Locate the search button
  3. That's true, but a general search often yields subject headings totally irrelevant to the content of the posts. For example, someone will write "Noob rider in NSW" as the subject, then go on to ask half a dozen very relevant questions in the post.

    Flip the search around to include posts and it's a whole new pandora's box of worms. :wink:

    Trust me, I've used the search feature liberally for many topics to good use, but on others, so much time is wasted on wading through pages and pages of unrealted matter that it gets quite frustrating.

    So...off to search again I go....

    If only you answered my question in the time it took you to write your 4 or 5 sentences...
  4. Maroondah Hwy at Ring'ers is also another little pit you could check out. I got my first lotta gear from there.
  5. Nepean Hwy.

    In one section you have Brighton Kawasaki/Moto Heaven/Suzuki and a1 motorcycles and all have used and new stock. Def worth a look.

  6. Nah that's too easy
    You have to work for it around here :p
  7. You'll get excellent service from a couple of shops there and the worst ever from a couple of others. :roll:
    Good selection though.
  8. Yep depending on what you're after, the Motoheaven guys are great and friendly. (and the others next to them on Nepean Hwy Brighton - near Patterson Rd).
  9. +1 to that - Adrian and Anthony are great guys and do all the work on my bike now.

    Highly sugest dropping by and seeing their stock bikes or gear
  10. Re: Apart from Elizabeth St, Melb - where are the bike &quot

    + 1 for maroondah hwy in Ringers.
    A1, Bike Mart, PS, Honda and Yamaha all within 200 metres.


    Although i did pop into PS in the city the other day and my eyes nearly popped outta my head when i saw how much of everything they have.
    Don't know how competitive their prices are though i've only bought a disc lock from them.
  11. Re: Apart from Elizabeth St, Melb - where are the bike &quot

    Yeah - they have a HUGE amount of stock, but you should also check out PS clearance centre round the corner which have a load of stock and very low prices
  12. No shit? Where abouts?
  13. Address
    115 A Beckett St
    VIC, 3000
    Contact Details
    (03) 9349 6570
  14. Yeah I went to that PS Clearance Centre on A'Beckett Street about a month ago. Tons of gear at ridiculous prices. Only downside was that it was in the city!
    But now they've opened another clearance centre on Ferntree Gully Road in Ferntree Gully, right next to the PS Kwaka dealership which has a hell of a lot more gear in it than the one in the city. Only opened the other week so they haven't got everything in there yet, but still heeeeeaps to look at. Same prices as the city one too.
  15. Cheers.

    Nepean and Maroondah Hwy are the go!

    Thanks again.
  16. Ringwood I have found to be great.
    Got some gear from PS, but most of my stuff including 2 bikes I got from Metro Honda.
    Fantastic blokes/gals. Talk all day with em if you need to and they don't mind in the slightest :)
  17. Plus if your a member of Netrider and flash your card to Max or B, you will get 10% off aswell!
  18. +1 there mate.
    was in everyone of those nepean highway shops today looking for leathers and boots and talking shit with a few of the blokes in there regarding bikes and the like.
    top blokes in all of the shops and would recommend stopping in there and asking for a deal as they are more than happy to try to knock some cash off the prices.