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Anzac weekend cruise thru the alps

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Took the opportunity to have a quick run up to Cann River via the Princes Hwy, up the Monaro to Cooma, then Snowy Mtns hwy to Kiandra, down to Khancoban, across to Corryong, then Tallangatta, Wodonga, down to Beechworth, Myrtleford, then Great Apline Road to Bright, Omeo, Mt Hotham, Bruthen then Bairnsdale.
    Would have done the double back up the GAR, but forecast for Sunday 27th was Hail, Rain, Gusty winds, and Snow down to 1000m. Headed home instead!

    Day 1 - start off early, weather cold, but clear.
    A cold start, but no rain - a bonus.
    Had the chance to getb away for 3 days, very unusual, so I grabbed it!.
    Dropped in to Rosedale, to visit a friend that owns a winery.
    He is about 10 km out of town, and has a dirt road which has been fine in the past. BUT, now there is a sand quarry on the same road, and the road now has about 3 inches of sand on, along with plenty of corrugations.
    Caused some drama, and I almost lost control on one corner, when the front ploughed on. But made it through. Memo to self - avoid sand!.
    Orbost by lunchtime, road clear, and in very good nick. Main street looked Autumn fantastic!
    Just before Cann River, they have changed the centreline markings, and they are now tactile (bumps). Quite fune, but gave me heart failure when I hadn't seen them and pulled out to pass!.
    Bike getting good fuel economy, about 20 klm per litre. Happy with that, gives me an effective 300klm range before the fuel light comes on. Maybe the colder dense air has something to do with that, either way, I am happy. Bike is happy sitting at 120 -140 kmh.
    First time up the Monaro for me for quite a few years - and it doesn't disapoint. A few forums have stories of people doing very high speeds on this road, I am happy to maintain my speed, seem to be passing everyone else, even though I am not doing insane speeds. Bike is very stable in the corners.

    And so to Cooma. Hats off to the NSW authorities, as from memory, the roads were quite ordinary, and now they seem better than many of the VIC roads. No bumps mid corner, no odd patching, and clear lines and corner markings.

    Plenty of road kill on the road, so am keen to get there before dusk.
    Turns out to be easily done.

    Found three pubs in cooma, and am happy to report that they all have cold beer. Not so happy with the food prices! Being ANZAC day, most restaurants were shut (?) and despite KFC and maccas now there in cooma, a medium pizza costs almost $20!
    Memo to self - cooma is very bike friendly, but not the food places!.
    Fuel was cheaper thanin Melbourne?

    Day 2
    Very cold, very very cold. Fog in the city, but 5 minutes down the road, clear as. The road to Adaminaby is a good taste of the day to come, great scenery, great roads, and no traffic.
    See the first policeman, he is filling up at a servo, and heading in the opoosite direction.
    Find the turnoff to Cabramurra, and some more great roads, although one or two with gravel and loose stones. Thanks to 'Doc' biggles, who gave me some helpful advice on the problem corners.
    No dramas, and off to Khancoban, then Corryong, .
    Memo to self. When in NSW, and you see a sign that says National park, note that the real meaning is Motorcycle Fun Park!.
    Absolutely balls out fun roads!
    After Corryong, across to Wodonga, then down to Beechworth, Myrtleford, and a chance to try out the great alpine road.
    If you thought the NSW National parks around the snowy were fun, try this road.
    Scenery is just so excellent. Roads are terrific, and you find yourself just shouting woo hoo, corner after corner. All 200klm of it!
    Made for motorcycling!.
    Wearily I made it into Bairnsdale late in the arvo, celebrating that I never :edit:ed up the corners, managed to add 30kmh to most advisory signs with ease, and saw very little other traffic.
    What there was was despatched with ease, the 1800cc of suzuki under me managing to launch me past all cars with ease. The buckets of torque meant even the wrong gear was fine to accelerate into warp speed.
    I wondered about fuel, but the only time I was stretched was between Bright and Bairnsdale, as every thing I between had only std unleaded, and no premium. Even then, only used 12 litres of the 19 litre tank then.

    The weather report is for hail, rain, fog, gusty winds and snow down to 1000 metres, so a rerun in the other direction may be out of the question for day 3.
    And it was, awoke to rain, so made the trip home in the rain. News that night said that Hotham had 23cm of snow, so made the right decision. Where there is snow, there is ice.

    Along the way, had some time to ponder the vibration issue. At all revs, from 2500 rpm to 6000rpm, in 4th or fifth, the cam covers had very minor vibes or none, the intake had major vibes (pair valve?), and a hand on the derby cover felt minor vibes, or only smooth running. I am no longer concerned with the vibes at this stage.

    Some are blurry - blame the operator, not the camera.
    All I can say is that the 109 is a great all rounder!

    More pictures in another post (3 pics per post!)
  2. More Pics


    Rest of the pics are more of the same - have only posted enough to tempt you to take this grand tour of our countryside!
  3. Peter-reebok,

    Cool pics & story there mate!!!
  4. Great write-up !
    The pics are awesome Peter!
  5. great write and report pete, was it just you for whole trip?
  6. Great write up Pete, sounds fantastic.
  7. just tops Poiter.
    me is green.