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Anzac W/end 3½ day ride in Alpine region

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Interested in a 3½ day ride this long weekend (ie. this weekend, 23rd - 25th) riding around the Alpine Region (Hotham, Falls Creek, etc.) and staying in cabins with a group?

    Due to a couple of late pull-outs because of injury, we have a few spots remaining for anyone that would like to join us.

    Leaving late Fri arvo (approx 5:30pm from Dandenong) and heading towards Gippsland and staying in Stratford on Fri night. Then heading to Mt Beauty via Bairnsdale, Mt Hotham, and Tawonga Gap. We have cabins in Mt Beauty for both Sat and Sun night.

    Alternatively, there is group leaving Melb in Sat morning to join us in Mt. Beauty. They will take mostly the Hume Fwy and Myrtelford to get to Mt. Beauty.

    Sunday is lots (or a little if you prefer) of riding in the area or sit around the cabin and relax .. your choice. Me, I'll be doing lots of riding that day :)

    Monday is heading back to Melb via good roads through Whitfield and Mansfield area.

    $75 per hd for accom if you come Fri night. $55 per head if you come Sat/Sun night. You will need to pay immediately via net banking if you want to come as I don't want late pull-outs and money chasing etc. All cabins are already booked and deposits paid. Additional costs will be your petrol and food/drinks.

    There was to be 15 of us, but due to the unfortunate of 3, we are now 12 and hence the few spare spots. There is a dbl bed available if you are a couple. 4 of us going Fri night, the other 8 on the Sat morning (they'll miss the best roads up through Omeo though).

    Fri is about 250km, Sat about 400km (either route), Sun between 0 and 400km, and Mon about 350km. Lots of twisties, and no stopping in every town along the way for a latte. It's not Iron Butts, it's not a race, but nor is it sight seeing oldies or tourist cafe stoppers.

    If your REALLY interested (no casual maybe's please), drop me a PM or give me a call and I'll give further details.
  2. Before I write too much, no smart arse comments from people about posting... Not in the mood today... :LOL: :cry: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway, Jason. Couple of questions for you.
    1. Mt Beauty on Saturday night?
    2. You mentioned there is a group going up the hume on Saturday morning, would there be a group interested in peeling off of the hume and running through to Mansfield and then through to Whitfield?
    3. Address and details of accommodation?
    4. What time is the group meeting in Mertleford?

  3. ALSO, I am heading back some time Sunday morning so if there are people that want to head back Sunday, more than welcome to come back to Melb with me
  4. Mitch, I can answer that. The group (that was going to Buchan) on Saturday will peel off into 2 groups at Yea. Once group will go along the highway/fast sweepers (minimal tight corners) most likely through Midland Hwy (avoid the Hume as much as possible). Caters for learners and those who do not wish to be in twisties going up.

    The other will be going along Mansfield-Whitfield roads. We'll all meet each other at Myrtleford (petrol station most likely) and I don't know the time we will meet due to not knowing how fast/slow each group will be going.
  5. Hey Minna,

    What time and which way will you guy's be coming back ?

    Will it be through Whitfield/Mansfield /Yea on Monday ?

  6. If I can punch out the postie tomorrow morning and "appropriate" the CT110...AND...start riding straight away after filling those flapping bags with gear ....AND... I'll get to Mt. Hotham the same time you do....can I come??? :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink:
  7. Yes, that is our approx return route, with a few deviations.
  8. There is another in the group returning Sunday, so you'll both have someone else to ride with
  9. No! Bugger off. Had you chance, and you pulled out because it was going to be a little bit too hard and too much riding for you, and now your whinging like a little girl. Suffer in your jocks! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: 8) 8)
  10. BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :cry: :cry: :cry: :p :p :p
  11. No-one's interested in joining us for this? Would have thought there would be at least a few interested parties.
  12. Combination of being on duty for the march, and being broke :evil:
  13. This weekend the Bright Autumn Festival is also on with activities etc. (was just told of this last night) Staying in Mt. Beauty means we will be treated to the "Mt Beauty Music Muster" (running all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - when we are not riding that is...
  14. I am thinking and have been thinking about it ever since I saw it posted up!
    I am going to maul over it today and send you a pm late this afternoon.

    :D it would be the most kick arse ride I could get in before winter hits big time.... mmmmm, will let you know.
  15. If Honda Australia actually stocked some spare parts instead of the "they are on 10-14 day backorder" line then I would have been a definate. Next time, or maybe next weekend :D
  16. I'm gonna be riding up that neck of the woods - leaving Melb Sat AM - en route to Tangambalanga (!) Keep an eye open for an OFARC wearing black draggins and a black brando on a black Spada!
  17. When my Stator burnt out I contacted Honda Australia and asked them to get me back on the road so I could still go on the tour of Tassie I had planned.....I missed two days due to the weekend and the problem being identified late on Friday....but both Redwing Honda and Honda Australia pulled out all the stops to replace the stator by taking a part out of a bike back at their office...Redwing got the part and installed it that day and I was on the boat on the Monday night.

    Ring Honda Australia and see if there is anything extra they can do for you. Worth a try....
  18. Pete thanks for setting up this ride and allowing us to jump into the empty spots.....great weekend......many many ups and only 1 down. ](*,)

    Also thanks to Jason (Mouth) for taking over the organisationof the ride (we can't orgainise a r**t in a brothel :p ) and doing a great job at it.