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Anzac Day Sydney/Wollongong riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. After the effort of Sunday's trip to Austinmer there may not be any interest, but is anyone keen for a few hours riding, perhaps the Macquarie Pass loop, tomorrow, 25th April (doffs slouch hat, bows head)??

  2. Hey hornet, i wouldnt mine going for a ride tomorrow, but Mac pass is not my thing, corners are too slow and sharp for my likings.

    Sorry Hornet :cry:
  3. I would be up for it but I was unable to get a replacement footpeg for the bike today (wreckers wanted $30 for one from a CBR, and while it would do it wasn't even a match...pfft to that). I have rigged a makeshift setup using one of the pillion pegs but I wouldn't be comfortable riding with it for any length of time.

    Going to have to give this one a miss. First time I'll probably get to meet people will be the 2nd of May at the Brewery.
  4. What time you looking at? I am out with the Godfather tonight and followed by Dawn Service at 4.30am in the city so need to be in there by 3am = no sleep. If it is an early morning run, won't be able to. If it is a bit later, say just after lunch, I can get some kip then head down.
  5. hey mate,
    a couple of my mates and i are doing that run tomorrow around 11.00, hope to see ya, will be on a black hyosung 250 followed by a gsxr 750 and a vt250

  6. Great stuff, what is your route, let's see if we can cross paths.....?
  7. hey hornet600, just waiting for the weather to clear up to see if we still can go, pissing down around my area,
    for the route i am unsure i am guessing starting at the top heading to the gong.

    keep you posted