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Anzac Day public holiday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Just a bit confused, this year (2009) Anzac Day falls on Saturday 25 April, does anyone know if a public holiday day off work falls on a Friday or a Monday or no days off work at all, trying to plan a trip but cant get no info on the matter.


  2. hmmmm that sux
  3. Yeah, but doesn't suck as much as being Killed in a War. Maybe you should find out what Anzac Day is all about.
  4. Whatcha whinging about?

    You get that Saturday off!
  5. The 1918-1920 flu pandemic was worse.
    Why doesn't that get a holiday?
  6. I could also be worth looking at the larrikin nature of many of those very same ANZACs. Those larrikins who would have, I'm sure, been the first ones to wish a free day off to all their Aussie brethren for all of their hard work and sacrifice. They would have embraced it for all it was worth, and denying Australians that day denies the importance of that sacrifice.

    And dammit, the desire to have an EXTRA day to sit around a barbie with mates and a few tinnies is the best damn way to honour our fallen heroes in my opinion. An Aussie institution, celebrating Aussie heroes in a uniquely Aussie way. A standard length weekend just doesn't cut it and doesn;t reflect the importance of all they contributed to this great country.

    So, please dear sir, do not begrudge me my desire to to pay tribute to those champions of freedom and to do it in a way in which they - and we - so richly deserve. You might think so little of our ANZACs that you will let it slip. But I do not.

    See, we can all take the moral high ground and patronise people from our soapboxes. :p
  7. Yeeh Morbo, we pax take great advantage of all of the great efforts of our ancestors. Personally, I always take these sort of holidays to spend with family, also the Xmas and New Year, Easter, Melb Cup etc. It is a special time for us and I think our relatives and fellow country men who sacrificed their lives for us to be free, would appreciate that we spent this time together as family.
  8. And you don't see them for the rest of the year?

    One of the reasons for the lack of an alternative holiday is in part due to the lobbying of the Rissole. They are of the view that ANZAC Day is sacrosant and it isn't to be treated as an excuse for a lie in, or to pack up the kids and head down to Lakes for the weekend.

    I'm still surprised that they were able to get the ANZAC day Collingwood Essendon match off the ground. But then, the AFL does make a big deal about it being a tribute to the fallen. Of course, how much of this is lip service and how people genuinely feel about our war dead is very much a debatable point.

    Someone wrote into the paper today criticising the way that we glorify our soldiers' deaths and in particular the latest soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. It is hard to argue with the guy's logic. It's in the letters section of Monday's Herald-Sun newspaper if anyone wants to read it. I wonder how many Rissolieans will write in to slam the guy, rightly or wrongly.
  9. mate, that wasnt called for, i used to march for my late grand father in the city till they stopped family marching for the deceased so dont go telling me to find out what anzac day means, it was a simple question that i asked regarding a day off, did i write anywhere, "who cares about the anzacs i want a day off" ?
    get over yourself
  10. I lost two great grandfathers, five uncles and a my grandfather spent 6 years of his life having seven shades of shit bombed out of him in the Islands for this? A non-public holiday holiday?

    What bullshit.
  11. Alot of emotions flying about here, while every person has their different thoughts on how ANZAC day should be spent, mine is simple;

    Dawn service with a rum'd up coffee as old tradition. Observe the March, and meet up with mates in the ADF and have a drink for the fallan at the Mess, then RSL, then a pub. Another important part is to buy a drink for a Digger, and sit down and have a chat, hear what they have to say and enjoy their company.

    People that know me, know I will always say ANZAC day is the biggest day of the year for me, (followed by Aus day, both following days are taken off work), I don't care what day of the week ANZAC day falls on, the only bit to remember is it's April 25th.

    The entire day for me is spent wishing I was still in the ADF if it wasn't for this f%^ing metal plate in my leg that rendered me med-cat-4, however having only this day in the year to show appricatation means it should never be missed.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it, it seems to be what he does mate. Rocks into a thread, writes a mean one-liner in the mistaken belief that he is being witty and insightful and then fcuks of to do the same on the next thread.

    Meh, whatever floats your boat I guess.
  13. A holiday won't make it all better.
  14. Holidays make a lot of things better, and it is great time of the year for a family break, aside from whether or not it is tied in with Anzac day.
  15. http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/newsr...-holiday-for-victorians-in-2010-and-2011.html

    From the Premier of Victoria
    SUBSTITUTE PUBLIC HOLIDAY FOR VICTORIANS IN 2010 AND 2011. Monday, 06 October 2008

    Victorians will receive a substitute public holiday for ANZAC Day in 2010 and 2011, following a Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) agreement to increase harmonisation of all Australian states and territories’ approach to ANZAC Day.

    The Premier, John Brumby, said that under the CAF agreement Victorians would have a substitute public holiday on the following Monday when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday in 2010 and a substitute public holiday on the following Tuesday when ANZAC Day falls on Easter Monday in 2011.

    “ANZAC Day holds a special place for so many Victorians, each year providing the opportunity for us all to remember and learn more about the sacrifices made by our veterans and to keep their memory alive in our community,†Mr Brumby said.

    “While all states and territories have legislation in place that prescribes Anzac Day as a public holiday on April 25, there have been varied approaches to whether a holiday is observed the following Monday when Anzac Day falls on a Sunday.

    “This new agreement is a positive and practical outcome that increases harmonisation of the Anzac Day holiday across state borders, removes some anomalies between the states and means that in 2010 and 2011, Victorians will get a substitute holiday when ANZAC day falls on Sunday and Easter Monday respectively.â€

    Mr Brumby said that all commemorative events associated with ANZAC day would continue to be observed on 25 April.

    “It is important that the commemoration of ANZAC day continue to occur on 25 April,†he said.

    Small Business Minister Joe Helper said the early agreement would provide businesses with the clarity and capacity to plan ahead.

    “Public holidays are important to Victorians and this agreement is in keeping with the historical practice in Victoria and the original intention for ANZAC day to be a time for the community to participate in commemorative activities,†Mr Helper said.

    The Government will continue to monitor Victoria’s legislative framework to ensure that ANZAC day commemorative events are adequately protected.

    Under the CAF agreement, there will be a substitute public holiday on Monday 26 April in 2010 because ANZAC day falls on Sunday 25 April and a substitute public holiday on Tuesday 26 April, 2011 when ANZAC day falls on Easter Monday in 2011
  16. Ok, I'm down with a 5 Days Easter bike trip... but what about 2009! :?
  17. There is no substitute holiday for ANZAC Day this year - it's a Saturday. Substitute holidays only happen when it falls on a Sunday or another public holiday.