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Anzac day is nearly upon us !!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. and we should all pay our respects and celebrate this great country that the servicemen and women fight for.

    so any songs or stories that make you proud to call this beautiful land home...that represents the australian/diggers spirit...post em up (y)

    Mods... *grabs nuts* bring it....this aint about me starting shit but i'm here if you want it to be.


  2. this....beautiful.
  3. My grandad fought in the first world war and the second, he lied about his age in the first. He was 15. Shot and wounded. He later signed up for the second and was shot in the head and survived. He never spoke about his experience's. He said it hurt too much. He died an alcoholic and a broken man...

  4. About 7 years ago I went to the service in the Sydney CBD. During the march a unit of Fuzzy Angels in full ceremonial dress were heading our way along the route.

    Directly in front of me was a father and his 3 or 4 year old daughter, stunning little girl, blonde with blue eyes. I'll never ever forget what they said next.

    Little Girl: Daddy, who are those men in those costumes?
    Father: They're called Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.
    LG: What do they do?
    Father: Well during the war they helped your poppy when he got hurt.
    LG: That's nice of them, why did they do that?
    Father: Because they're great people. Would you like to say thank you to them?

    I'll never forget what happened next for the rest of my life. The little blond girl without saying a world to her father walked straight up to the scariest and most official looking Fuzz Wuzzy who was leading his unit, said to him "thank you for helping my Poppy Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel" & gave him a flower she had in her hair, she then ran back to her dad with a massive smile on her face.

    That Fuzzy Wuzzy was stunned & visibly moved, her father couldn't have looked prouder & all there who witnessed it choked up. I'm not a man who will cry about much, but I'll freely admit it when I do. I was a bloody mess.
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  5. I really like the song "I was only 19".

    My grandfather served in the Artillery in WWII - Middle East, Africa and PNG.
    His 6 brothers also served in RAN, RAA, RAAF and the RAF (DFC awarded to x1). And they all came back alive. I was lucky to know my Grandfather and learn what he had sacrificed for his family, king and country.

    Lest we forget.
  6. My Grandad passed way last year, 2 weeks before ANZAC day. He served in the airforce as leading aircraftsman near PNG. But he never really spoke of what he did. My Nanna always noted that i had been interested in what he did during the war. So she gave me and my Dad his war medals.
  7. When I was posted to Townsville in the 90's, understanding that Townsville was called a Garrison town; because of the high population of Defence personnel and their families.
    When the song ' I was only 19' by Redgum, was played in a pub/nightclub in Townsville; the place went quiet for a moment, then everyone in the place would stand and sing as loud and proud as possible, everytime!

    Lest We Forget
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