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Anzac day horror

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. I was at the march in the city, around lunch time.
    During the march alot of sirens began and the police started running around.
    I followed the crowd down St kilda rd to see what was happening.

    Apparently the throttle got stuck on one of the jeeps, and it plowed into 6 elderly veterans. Horrible. I was at the scene as the Ambo's rushed down, the scence was vey tragic. I offered assistance, but got pushed bach as St Jhon's paramedics got to work.
    Was devastating, especially the timing of the incident.

    I sincerely hope everyone comes out of the situation well.
    And thanks to the police and paramedics for taking such quick action, was glad to see assistance was granted very swiftly.
    Probably on the news now . .

  2. Prior to the incident occuring I was watching the parade on the ABC and thought about having old vehicles and marchers mixing the way they do.

    There is always the potential for this to occur when you have vehicles and pedestrians sharing space hence the reason they keep foot traffic & vehicles separated as much as possible in workplaces.

    I read during the week that the ADF had pulled out of providing modern vehicles this year due to OH&S concerns and the organisers arranged for more historic vehicles to fill the gaps.
  3. During the Anzac Day AFL game (CARN THE PIES !!!!) , whilst on a break, the channel 7 news preview showed this...it was shocking. Left me speechless and wondering what sinister plot could have been planned to destroy this memorable day.
    I hope all our veterans affected by this vehicle incident are okay.