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ANZAC Day AFL game to DL

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all;

    First off don't tell me the scores, frikking work called me in so I missed my chance to watch it at a pub here that had a skybox they could record on. Most importantly, I'm also avoiding facebook incase (and likely) that it's posted on there. Goz don't go posting shit all over my wall, ta mate :)

    So, to my question, I haven't found the game on the torrents, does anyone know how I could get a hold of it or can anyone upload it? I only have a 10" netbook so I don't need super high res or anything, it's just the only game of the year I make an effort to see.

    Cheers for any help.
  2. if ya wait a few days i'd say it'd be on the website http://www.afl.com.au/video/tabid/76/competitionid/26/Default.aspx# ....offers quarter by quarter clips of matches at the bottom...only showing up a match from the 23rd and previous ones for now..

    keep in mind i loathe afl...and am honestly just that bored to search for shit, hope it helps.
  3. The pre-game seems to be up already - google "AFL 2012 ANZAC Day Pre-Game Build Up", then have a check back later for the game...
  4. Thanks NK, got a torrent running for it now but the speed is rather low but I'll let it tick away.

    87; if I click that link will I see score / round results?? ta mate
  5. just checked it...open the link up...go straight to the bottom n it's got the link to all four quarters of the match loaded up now (just 4 seperate videos)

    pretty sure you should be safe from scores
  6. I get all my replays from here (site has moved to this site, this year):


    Just put in the home/away/round and change the quality to HIGH QUALITY.. download away (or view online I suppose).
  7. Fukn WHOOP! Great website that one, easy and no fuss, Thanks Guy. Got the firt half and the 3rd quarter is downloading now, thanks mate, much appricate. Not a big AFL fan but I do like to watch the ANZAC day game each year. :)
  8. What happens if i were to spoil it for you?