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[Anywhere its hot] An unexpected parking hazzard-Melting road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by smileedude, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. This seems the most appropriate section to post this, mods please move if I'm wrong.

    I parked my scooter on its sidestand on a slight decline in Richmond, UWS Hawkesbury campus 2 days ago. The temperature was in the high 30's. The road I was parked on was about 3 months old.

    When I returned I noticed the road had physically melted beneath the kick stand creating a depression about an inch deep. I took a few photos on my phone at this point. I assumed my bike was still ballenced and not going anywhere. I turned the engine on and started to put my helmet on.

    While I was putting it on the vibrations of the engine caused the bike to roll forward off the stand and tumble towards me. I managed to catch it and no harm done. But could have been a lot worse. And if this can happen on a bottom heavy 135kg scooter imagine what can happen on a large top heavy bike. So just a caution in this heat, be careful of parking on newish roads, they can melt beneath your bike.

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  2. Ive seen sidestands sink into some new road surfaces but it sinks in rather than actually cracking the surface. Thats a bit scary actually.
  3. WOW... that's amazing.
  4. Don't blame me for gravity, I voted for velcro.
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  5. Hot days, if your in the high country, That tar they use for the cold, melts and its like glue,

    Its very shiny. so you at least get a warning its there,

    Dont ride through it, It slips badly. plus it gets all over your bike and its hard to clean off,
  6. I just realised: according to some around here, your sidestand should just HTFU and everything would be alright ;)
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  7. Nothing new it's always been the case in hot weather for eons.
    If you park your bike on hot asphalt on a hot day put something underneath the sidestand much like when parking in soft grass.
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  8. Ahhh yes, I should have done a search first, quite a few posts on the subject. Anyway nothing like a timely reminder when the whether gets hot. Its certainly not something I had really thought about before parking on seemingly solid road and I'm sure a lot of riders on here wouldn't have either.
  9. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  10. Seem to remember a thread here years ago and the easiest suggestion was to keep a crushed soft drink can hand to put under your side stand reason being easily replaced and no big deal if you leave it behind.
  11. When you in the city (Melbourne) check out the footpath along certain parts of Elizabeth street, this has happened once or twice before I think...
  12. You do not know what you are talking about.
  13. lid from a jam jar works too
  14. I think you will find it's the ground That needs to HTFU.

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  15. buy a sidestand puck, and carry it with you for just such situations

    {or, if you're an impoverished student, see the 'crushed can' option :LOL:}
  16. Given it is frigging hot everywhere right now I thought I'd bumpity bump this thread.
  17. Holy Thread revival Batman! :blackalien:
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  18. Probably justified, however...
  19. Actually I'll add to this. Beware on roads that have lots of heavy vehicle traffic, the road can develop ruts, think 4wd track. It can be particularly bad at traffic lights.
  20. Currently 39°c in Sydney with tops of 43!!! :wtf: