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Anything's possible

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Valkrider, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. About 6 years ago I had an old 1000cc Virago and got interested in touring/camping. The problem was, my wife didn't want to know. It was the thought of crawling in a tent on her hands and knees and fighting to get dresses in the morning.
    I said to her that if I could carry a tent big enough to stand in would she try it for a weekend, to which, she reluctantly agreed.
    I bought a tent but there was no way could I get it on the bike along with the other camping stuff so I started thinking, probably too much, but I came up with the idea of a trailer.

    The trailer was built and we went camping for a weekend, her verdict was that she hated it but enjoyed it at the same time.
    Since back then things have changed quite a lot, I now have an even bigger tent and more creature comforts. The wife really looks forward to our trips away but now due to her long term health issues we can't get away on the longer trips too much.

    This August will probably be our last long adventure on the bike, a 3000 mile trip to Austria.
    Early next year I'm looking into buying a van to transport the bike and tow a caravan so we can still get to far away places. She'll be ok on shortish rides, just not the long 3-400 mile days we have done.

    Keeping the wife happy and creature comforts while touring and camping,,anythings possible.



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  2. That's an amazing set up all the best on the up coming trip remember to post some pics
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  3. Snaps to you! That looks amazing :)
  4. Wow .. That's an awesome set-up.

    I Salute you Sir! You've got a real passion for riding.
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  5. Awesome.
    Food for thought!
  6. That's Fantastic! Quick question though, what is it like riding with a trailer? Does it change the handling much?
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    As long as the trailer is loaded properly, there's not much difference at all in handling.
    My acceleration is slightly down and you have to brake a tad more but going round the twisties is fine. I've even scraped a peg or two with the trailer on.
    As for the speed limits, in the UK I'm allowed to tow at 60mph (96kph) but my favourite place for towing is in France where I can ride at 130kph.

    The quickest I've been with the trailer is 115mph (185kph), at the time I was only about 8mph short of the world speed record for a motorcycle towing a trailer, the new record is something like 167mph (268kph).

    Just to give you an idea, I took this video about 4 years ago using an old tape camcorder, I didn't realise but I altered the zoom so it looks a bit odd, also when it was converted for Youtube the picture and sound quality went titsup, my sintered back brake pads sound like a table saw lol.
  8. What a cute wee trailer, and awesome set-up. :)
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  9. First off this post made me laugh as it's exactly our house. The only difference is that it's my husband who didn't want to go camping (after a childhood spent doing that, but with not much in the way of creature comforts! Think 1970's ;) ), but I finally talked him around to it. Our first trip was just a long weekend to see what we'd forgotten, what worked or didn't work. The only thing I forgot was chairs and I didn't really forget them, there was just no way to fit them, I've since solved that problem with some chairs designed for hikers that fold away really small. The one problem that we did encounter was that we couldn't stand up in the tent we had, so we now use a bigger tent and hubby's totally on board. In the last 3 1/2 months, since I got my L's we've been away 4 times and LOVE it. Pity it's getting too cold now as we're both eager to head off again.

    He is now in the process of building a bike trailer so that we won't have to carry anything much on the bikes and can carry more of the creature comforts he wants, lol. This from the man that said he'd NEVER have a bike trailer!

    This was taken on the Great Ocean Road in March. I thought we had a closer shot of the bike's all loaded up, but I can't find one! Hubby built a pack rack (from an old 1790's telephone table) for the Ducati so it could hold the tent and most of the gear. Since then hubby's moved to a BMW G650GS and I have an F series, that I'm not really riding yet, as I need to get more experience on the VTR first. But the BMW's have such lovely panniers and top boxes lol

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    My wife loves camping under the stars. All five of them.

    Desite that, I think I could convince her with the OPs set-up.

    Now where to put the two kids and the dog . . . ?
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  12. Side car :whistle:
  13. Great minds.....:smug:

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