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Anything new in the flip face world?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LineNoise, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Well, as posted in another thread I dropped me helmet this morning (3ft drop onto concrete followed by 5ft onto limestone when it rolled off the patio)

    Got a look at it just a minute ago and it's definitely crushed the shell so new helmet time.

    The old one was an N100E Nolan flip face and I'll probably pick one up again unless anything new is out I should have a look at.

    The BMW/Schuberth helmets have got me interested but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much money as much as the bluetooth would be handy. Going rate on the Bimmer helmet is still $800 + extra for the comms pack right?

  2. Hmmmm, stick my bonce into something that is crushed after 2 fairly easy drops?
    How'd it look like after a decent knock?
  3. Second was straight onto a sharp edge of limestone and that's what's done the damage. It's only a slight indent (few mm deep dent maybe .25 cm across) as well but it's definitely damaged.
  4. As I remember when I was looking to replace my last Nolan the Beemer (system 4 or something) was about $600 at Southbank. While from reports they're a good bit quieter, I didn't want to fork that much. That said, I didn't try it on, so I'm not sure how they feel.

    There's also a KBC I think which has a nicer release system than the Nolan (one thumb lever right under the chin beats the somewhat dodgy "smart lock" tNolan system). It's also a touch cheaper from memory, but I wasn't all that confident in the quality, it felt just a slight bit wonky which made me worry about what it'll feel like after 6 months of being opened and closed twice a day.

    Thus, for $399 with an anti-fog visor I couldn't find anything I wanted to move to, so I stumped for another N100E and have been happily using it since - so there y'are, I reckon they're a class act.
  5. Nitro make a good 'un for around 300 clams
  6. I tried the Nitro when I bought my Nolan. It doesn't suit my head particularly well.

    Didn't see the KBC so I'll have a look at that.

    The BMW/Schuberths have got me interested because my old rally helmets were Schuberth and fitted like they were molded on my skull. If the BMWs have the same shape they might well be worth the cash, particularly if they're quiet to boot.

    Oh...do the BMW helmets have the double visors?
  7. First negative I've heard about the Nitro, thanks for this, cos it is definitely on my list as my next helmet
  8. Wasn't a negative, just doesn't suit the shape of my head.
  9. Was doing some looking around and can someone tell me whether the BMW System V helmet is a flip face or just a normal full face? It's apparently based off the same core as the lightweight version of my old rally helmet which would make it a perfect fit in theory. Problem is getting down to a BMW bike dealer is a PiTA at the moment.

    I've seen it described in a few places as a "folding helmet". Does that mean flip face or is it something else?

    Also, am I right in expecting a ~$1000 price tag for it? It would want to be absolutely perfect for me to spend that money but yeah...it's still an option.
  10. I don't know how many times I have posted this review now... Review of 7 modular/flip face helmets:

    As with any helmet it is most important to buy one that fits your head. In other words do not settle on a helmet until you try it out - if it doesn't fit it can cost the world and still not protect your head. Fit first, then cost and looks (and brand).
  11. Reach toothbrushes are working on Flip Face MK 1.. a development of thier flip top head product that met with less than stellar success.

    They claim to have dealt with the water on the brain issues... but many remain sceptical.
  12. lol. The flip top head would at least absorb some impact but don't like the idea of sliding down the road on the tops of both rows of teeth :shock:
  13. gotta ask this question here
    are flip tops safer than a fully molded helmet cause the way i see it there are no moving parts except for the visor on a molded cause if u are unfortunate too have a crash i can see the flip top flipping up and really flipping fuggin your face :D
  14. From what I've read sometimes they're a touch worse and sometimes they're a touch better.

    They're a bit less likely to break your neck in some accidents because the face has a little more give and it doesn't transfer the energy through as well. On the other hand you are more likely to break your jaw and nose for the same reason.

    Any impact that would actually break the face plate off or break the hinge locks seems to be of sufficient force that the face flipping up would probably be the least of your worries.
  15. System 5 is definitely a flip face.
    The $1000 price tag would include carbon fibre and comms pack (Bluetooth connectivity)
    They are extremely light and super quiet.
    I have the full face BMW sport integral and by far the lightest and quietest helmet I have ever owned.
    Visibility is excellent as well.
  16. This was of course the main teething trouble that limited this products utility!
  17. Found a photo of a the System V open...flip face :shock: the thing turns into an open face.

    Looks like the face slides back with only a few mms of clearence over the top of the helmet until the top of the face is about inline with the back of the neck.

    Fired an email off to Southbank BMW, I'll post a price when I get it.

    Edit: Link to gallery if anyones interested. http://www.michael-bense.de/k1200s/galerie/thumbnails.php?album=11

    Another edit: Heard back from Southbank BMW, not in stock till October or November and no pricing info from BMW yet :(

    Oh well...look elsewhere I guess.
  18. boz already posted it on the last page and I'd seen it before then as well :p

    Thanks though.
  19. I currently wear the HJC Sy-Max helmet and love it. When trying it I also tried the laser and this one felt a lot better fit than the laser. If I can remember correctly it was about $450 but well worth it. It's just a good all round helmet. It is DOT approved but didn't receive the snell approval because of the fact it is a flip face helmet. Although I was reading they have finally approved one flip, maybe the shoei?? I could be making that up though.