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anyones employer need a good IT manager/ system Admin :)

Discussion in 'Employment' started by awseome, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. before i jump on seek. just wanted to check if any fellow netriders had a vacany in their company.. there are so many hidden jobs around i thought may use the riding network first.


  2. It might help if you listed what type of Sysadmin you are. Brief overview of skill set, etc.
  3. I think last week I looked and there was a vacancy with one of our third level systems teams. I think it was for the Windows area so exchange and windows server environments.

    PM me if you'd like me to chase up the details although it may only be an internlly posted position.

    PS. This is for a rather large company.
  4. There are two positions going at my work. If you are still looking pm's me and i can give you more information
  5. Likewise,

    We are currently looking for a SysAdmin officer. Same as above, throw me a PM if your interested.

  6. we are always keeping an eye out for experienced dudes. onsite work - corporate clientele. pm me if your interested.
  7. :eek: when i saw no interest for so longi totally forgot about this thread. but t hanks for the replies guys.

    My main skills are Infrastructure design and implementation. with a lot of managment experience thrown in, i am good at all windows based systems
    ISA, Exchange included.

    so if anything comes up would love to have a go.

  8. Hey, looking for similar stuff.
    Bit over 10 years experience, mainly involved in web.
    Background is mainly development, but also sysadmin (manage current company's IT, set up their colo & firewalls).
    Experience I guess is about 70% LAMP, 30% Win
    Resume available to interested parties on request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.