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Anyone worn Shift brand?

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Christinek, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. hey all, I've come across a Shift leather jacket on gumtree. There aren't many reviews online that I could find. Has anyone had experience of this brand/ products?

  2. I've had a Shift textile jacket since 2009 and worn it on my daily commute with absolutly no worries about the quality. The workmanship has stood up to rain hail and shine and I still wear it to this day.

    Hope this helps,


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  3. I had a Shift textile and its hit the ground twice and did a decent job of protection. I'd have no hesitation buying another one.
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  4. Shift Leathers and textile were actually quite good gear. I don't remember why but the Shift brand for ROAD gear was killed down in 2010-2011, and now they only do MX gear.
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  5. I've a Shift leather jacket and Kevlar jeans. Both items are of an excellent build quality and I would have no issues buying it again.

    I've been using the jeans for almost 4 years now without a problem...

    I think Shift was bought out by Fox and after that they stopped making normal bike gear.
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  6. I have Shift leather, 4-season textile and mesh textile jackets.

    They are all excellent.

    The Shift brand is owned by Fox Head ( Fox ) and they had to quit the road market after Swift ( a tiny UK brand ) successfully sued them for trademark infringement a few years ago.

    Sad, they made a very high value product IMHO.
  7. I've got a Shift textile jacket, possibly meant for dirt bike riding.

    I like it 'cos it has various zips to allow air to flow thru, and, most importantly, in black and orange, it goes well with the scooter's colour scheme.

    Seems pretty good gear to me.
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  8. thanks all for feedback. Trying on the jacket today after work, fingers crossed it fits!
  9. Have both textile x2 and leather x2 shift jackets quality is great could not fault. i also crashed my motard one time with a shift jacket on it held up real well and saved my skin. I would say buy it.