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Anyone with info on Healesville (or Bright)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gixxa Freddy, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. After year of badgering my missus about moving, Sam has finally given in and said we may move (still not 100% but a start). Sam gave me two options for the move, Healesville or Bright, my choice of the two being Healesville. Both have great rides but Healesville is closer to family. All I know is I am starting to hate living in Shepparton.

    I want to know what the job market is like, what housing is like, are the schools any good, is there a tennis club (my daughter is a keen tennis player), and generally what is the area like to live in.

    Any help NR members could give me to convince Sam would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Andrew.
  2. You're obviously not a skiier then? I'd have chosen Bright in a flash over Healesville, but it's all subjective. Guess if there is family involved...

    Healesville is pretty much just an outer suburb of Melb these days and a lower-socio economic one at that. Still you'd have an awesome stretch of twisties right outside your front door.
    Can't comment about the other issues, but I guess others out there can.
  3. I probably shouldn't write off Bright. Family isn't that important (my family hate my wife anyway). I suppose I could learn to ski and Bright is a beautiful area.

    Any info on both towns would be great.
  4. Pick Bright. Don't hesitate for a moment.
  5. Bright gets my vote. Played footy in the snow there once :)
  6. Would help if you listed important factors like type of work availability, renting or buying, price range, style of home, etc, etc, probably better to google your selections! Not sure I would base my decisions on a NR thread as we can only reply to what you've given us! Which so far is not much!
  7. As it is only a thought at the moment I was just after general opinions on the area. For instance if their is a high unemployment rate or mainly a tourist industry it will be hard for me to find a job. I will most likely rent when we first move so I need to know if their are many rental properties in the area. I could get more specific but since any possible move wont be until next year, I only wanted peoples general thoughts on the two areas that my wife likes. As we decide our future plans we will go into more depth as to what we want and will start actually contacting real estate agents, employment agencies and so forth.

    So all I really am after is what riders think of the two towns mentioned (for this I'm using a NR forum). Then my wife and I can can use these opinions (or disregard them) as we see fit.
  8. My grandpa lives in Healesville and its ok. its fairly country and stuff but i guess shepperton is as well. As so far for jobs there is quite alot of industry and assosciated work from lilydale right through to bayswater, and those would be about a 30-40 minute ride from there, which is not really that bad a commute.
  9. from healesville to lilydale is a 20min ride roughly ( i think).
    plenty of industry work as mentioned, jobs almost anywhere these days, with a very low un-employment rate, there's alot on offer. Healesville will see you with easy access to melbourne, Bright obviously wont. its alot more isolated in that sense, Healesville is simply tucked away in the hills.

    my mum plays tennis in the Yarra Ranges, theres a fair few clubs around, im pretty sure healesville has courts and a club, almost positive actually.

    it can get a bit touristy, but mainly with people passing through, rather than healesville being the actual destination. its a beautiful area as far as ive seen, and just in general. almost the whole of the yarra ranges and surrounds is.

    yet to hit up Bright, so i cant comment on that, but there's no doubt less cops :LOL:

    good luck with it all, they'd both be better than the tablelands of Shepp i'd imagine, not much of a flat country boy myself, i live for the hills :)
  10. Have a chat to kattcando . fellow NR member who moved from Shepp to Healsville about 6mths back .. she loves it..

    am sure she wont mind if you PM her ..
  11. Grew up just near Healsville, imo it's lacks services for kids, buses are poor, and i recall my father always cursing the traffic heading back out there in the afternoon, but if you enjoy country lifestyle and coudl get work near by it wouldn't be to bad.

    As for bright, imo nice place to visit and but wouldn't want to live there :)
  12. I spent a lot of time in both places. Healsville over years at friends who always lived in the area, Bright as a weekender skiing, and both as FANATASTIC riding areas.
    Personally I love both places and is tough call between the two.
    In Bright there is a reasonable amount of employment and yes a lot is tourism based or crop based so seasonal. If you cant get a job during winter in Bright then you a layzee sonava beach.
    You have viticulture and tobacco in the area. 20 or so K's out of Bright you have "smoko", no crappola, thats its name.
    I got to know a couple of locals overs the years and they all love it. New comers are made to feel a lot more welcome then another alpine country town I spent some time in-Mansfield , where you can find the only jobs that get advertised where the ones that locals didnt want. By locals I mean 3rd generation.
    I have always had an excellent time in Bright. Not much trouble in pub as everyone tends to know each other.
    Land values have just continued to go up and up in Delatite shire-no different from anywheres I suppose, but still cheaper than Melbourne-but not by much.They have a Hospital and school. Wangaratta a lot of people will travel to for larger variety of shops.

    Friends have lived in or surrounds of Healsville for last 15 years and they love it. There are all facilities you really need, as mentioned it does have a broader variety and cross section of society, and many people commute to all over Melbourne but love the semi rural setting, but as mentined before, is consdiered by many to be a lower socio economic class-which trying to put this politically correct as possible, without trying sound like an A-hole, has its own whole set of circumstances and realities to it, but as housing and land is slightly cheaper, that the reality of clientelle and demographic that will fit that criteria.

    But again as mentioned, is virtually becoming urban sprawl, although that will never get as bad a Melbourne as its like a satelite town, in so far as its surrounded by great diving range and then countless vinyards of the Yarra Valley, which form a green buffer around the place.
    It is a beautiful place, and work opportunities are definitely greater than Bright IMO, mainly due to fact you have easier access to Lilydale as Nibor mentioned and from there, plenty of industry within 30-40 mins commute. There is basically 1 main road in and out though so traffic can be hell at times unless you riding.
    But basically with Healsville you get best of both worlds.

    IMO Bright is safer and friendlier and less hectic, but with less employment mainly due to population and proximity.
    Healsville is kinda like a microcosm of Melbourne say 15 years ago, accept in a semi rural setting.

    Of coarse these are all just my opions :grin:
  13. If these were my options, and it was feasable for me to do so, I'd have moved to Bright (or surrounding areas, eg Porepunkah) ages ago, lovely scenery, roads, and on the consumer side of things people too.

    I've spent many a younger year around Bright, helping a family (that my family is friends with) on their farm, and going in and out of Bright by pushie. People were all lovely back then, but i know there has been a housing boom over there, with new houses going up, and blocking some of the nice farmland scenery.

    But there is a golf course on the backroad from Porepunkah to Bright too, if thats your fancy ;)

    My issue really is, I'm in IT, not a major area for customers around there.
  14. If I were going to live up that way (Healesville), my choice would be Emerald. It's so pretty around there.

    As for Bright - what are the rds like up there during the cold mths? I remember the publican telling me he doesn't ride over winter.
  15. Gixxa! I moved from Shepparton to Healesville in july last year. I love it here. Give me a pm if youd like. Come visit. Ill tell you all about it
  16. Cheers all who replied. :grin:

    Thanks Kat, been thinking about taking the fams to Healesville for a visit. Too much work at the moment to go :cry: (working 7 day weeks for cash to fix shack to sell). When I get the time will PM and come for a chinwag.

    Thanks, Andrew.