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Anyone with a Van or Bike Trailer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Im in a bit of a predicament :p

    Ive just taken delivery of my new bike and looking to pick it up on Saturday, but since I dont have my full license yet (counting down the days!!) is there any kind soul out there with a van or a trailer than could help me pick it up and bring it to my house?

    Ofcourse I will pay for all fuel costs and with lots of Beer :D

    Please pm me or reply here if anyone can is able to.


    - Nathan
  2. Just get them to ride it home for you....

    Then youtube the vid

    (or just get them to run it down to the local dyno if you're running it in hard...)
  3. mate, the guys at the shop should be able to do it for u....especially if u've bought it brand new off them......it would be pretty poor service if they didnt deliver it to u in my opinion

    tip: they are normally happier to do it on a weekday though...because they are less busy then....

    but if u wanna see your bike on sat. it would probably be best to ask for them to deliver it FIRST thing saturday morning (before the business comes rolling in the door) or LAST thing saturday arvo...

    ive bought 3 bikes before and had it delivered everytime
  4. i'll ride it home 4u
    is detour via Bells Line an option? :LOL:

    but yeah, they prob said it cost $120 to deliver, but i know its B-S
  5. haha thanx rudi lol

    Well i got my bike home had to get it delivered privately as sydney city dont deliver on satursday and since i couldnt wait im $100 bucks down :(

    But dam I took it out for a spin the miniute I got it home and OMG! it is better in every aspect that my zzr lol pity its rained like everyday since saturday becuase im itching to take it for a ride.
  6. cool!
    I told ya, that wizzy ZZZZZZZZR was holding you back
    Look forward to see it on the road, damm the weather!