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Anyone wear Traxion leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by resurrection, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Visited a little shop in Adelaide today checking out one piece leathers.
    I've noticed that some leathers manufacturers use 1.3mm leather.

    This guy uses 1.6-1.8mm and says that while the 1.3mm would probably be ok in a 100k off, his are track/race quality.

    Got armour of course and helmet rest/hunchback thingy.

    Price is under a grand if you go to his shop.
    I looked at his website and price is about $1400 so sorry for you people that don't live here. :(

    Anyway has anyone off'd in these at speed?
    Any opinions at all?
  2. Whats the website so we can check 'er out?

  3. Nah res. we are sorry for you for living there :p :LOL:
  4. We got the roads, man - I've just been looking in The Bear's Motorcycle Atlas and the Black Spur looks pretty Wussy :p
  5. I look up the website, and click on the womens section cause its late and im here by myself as usual looking for a perve, and none of these jackets have women modeling them.

    I'd have to steer clear of this mob purely for that reason, you wanna see some talent wearing the stuff :)
  6. :LOL: Thanks so much Dr for your extremely wise input :LOL:
    There I was concerned for my safety when I should have just been thinking of women in provocative poses unwearing leather. :)
  7. still say for Sth Aussie leather you cant pass Walden Miller over in Parkside, but i say i might visit this place next time i'm over.
    I'de be interested in seeing the mesh leather jacket since my mesh jacket didn't survive my last crash.
  8. I bought my very first two piece leathers of them in probably 1975, made to measure, cost a packet for a poor struggling apprentice, looked great, just a pity it didn't f*&^ing fit! :mad:

    Oh well, I guess they got better after that.
  9. Ihad a pair of Walden Miller pants and didnt care for them one bit!
    So i headed down to see the nice people at Traxion and they are great!!!!
    And for the price, quality and good customer service i know where to get a set of leathers from and extremely recomend them to everyone!
    There full race suit is great and actually beats even alpinestars suits in a test.
  10. I just wonder where are their garments actually made? My feeling is not in Australia, mainly because the name of the company is 'Traxion Imports' :)
  11. The leathers are made in Pakistan as are I believe at least some of the Name brands
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  13. Wow! Great deal. Oh to be young again....... :(
  14. Ive spoken to the actual people who have the business and they measure u up and make it there etc and yes they are motorcyclist themselves...
  15. My 2c:

    I bought gloves from them at last years moto expo. I ordered those titanium ones that look like the Icon Timax's. They took nearly 3 months to arrive and they werent the same gloves as the ones I tried on at the show - mine didnt come with palm studs and the wrist closure design (amongst other things) wasnt the same. Also the stitching is super dodgy. Single stitching, on the outside - so the actual seam sticks out at 90 degrees to the surface (check the pictures on thier website). The titanium is flat no curved and so it digs into my knuckles making it uncomfortable to ride. Having checked out the Icon afterwards I found these gloves to be a very cheap imitation.

    Having said that, the wait wasnt Traxion's fault - it was customs being wankers. And the lady who runs Traxion was literally in traction at the time - some bastard hit her.
    But they ended up only charging me $30 instead of $135.

    Maybe Traxion got ripped off too, but either way I dont wear the gloves, and Im unsure about buying from them again.