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Anyone we know?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,26036842-661,00.html

    A MOTORCYCLIST with a pillion passenger has been caught travelling more than 100km/h over the speed limit on a busy inner city road.
    Police intercepted the 31-year-old Rowville man on Queens Rd, South Melbourne about 9.30pm on Saturday.
    He was clocked travelling at 176 km/h in a 70km zone.
    Police media spokeswoman Kendra Jackson said police were stunned by the rider's recklessness.
    His bike was impounded immediately and he was charged on summons.
    He is expected to lose his licence for at least a year.

    Read the comments of the readers at the end. The safety nazis are slowly starting to win the battle.
  2. I was thinking the same thing mate ..
    "Rowville" .... wonder if he is a NR ?
  3. Someone's going to say it, so it might as well be me....

    Must have been stuck in second :LOL:.
  4. nah it wasn't me, but thanks for the kind thoughts.....i don't ride that slow anyway.... :LOL: :p
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Wasn't me either i was interstate. Besides, going fast scares me.
    So you can strike another off the list, another couple of weeks and we should have it narrowed down.
  6. Should be easy to work out, he'll be the one walking to all the Netrider gatherings from now on!
  7. "The incidents are keep increasing day by day. I would like to give out message to people who do this: We all understand these speedy things make you feel hero or something. But put yourslef in the shoes of one's who lost their loved ones because of the speed. You are not putting yourself in danger but you are putting other people on streets who even dont kow you personally. They deserve to live. If you want to finish your lives, please do it alone not on the streets where everybody walks or drive. Stupidity kills. Thanks to all of our Cops and people who put their life in danger to stop these morons. Cheers"

    Posted by: Daily Herald Reader of Melbourne 9:23am today

    yes, if i posted that shit i wouldn't have the gall to include my name either
  8. ^^ rofl. Im in no way endorsing what this guy did, but I would like to see the stats of motorcyclists killing 3rd parties.
  9. Queens Rd Sth Melbourne :?

    Of all the roads to speed along, he chose that one :roll:

    There is a camera almost every Friday night on that strip of road.

    I suppose one side houses the golf course and the other a heap of apartments/hotels/businesses so I suppose it is easy to forget that it's in the middle of the city.
  10. True. All he had to do was go one street over and he would of been on one of the best race circuits in the world, with some of the best corners that side of the Dandenongs. Unforgiveable.
  11. What, St Kilda Road :LOL:
  12. I guess someone was late to saturday coffee then?
  13. Ah, well go a bit further over and cut through the Bot gardens. Nice twisties to be had there.
  14. My thoughts also. Too stoopid to speed. Leave it to the grownups. :LOL:
  15. Common own up... who was it!!!
  16. it was me. and i was stuck in 2nd! :LOL:

    really, who was it?
  17. Well I'm known to get a decent peddle-up when the time and place allows it, but I doubt I'd enjoy 170 down THAT bloody street.
    ...Just too stupid for me...And way to wreckless with the pillions life I reckon.
  18. OK that rules out Raven (shame really, i had money on him :p )

    So who does that leave?
  19. Well I 'might' have the 'Ghost Rider' look happening with the black gear/bike...but....sorry, not me...being ~9000km away kinda cements that :)

    We have a Queens Rd here in Hong Kong (Central) but doing 176 km/hr on that would not only be near suicidal, if not impossible during peak hour (plethora of vehicles and people-everywhere, obstacles/crap roads) but probably the quickest way an Expat can earn his one way ticket out of HKSAR ! And that's if one lived through the manouevre :shock:

    So, the mystery remains... who is the Phantom Rider ?