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anyone watch the 5pm TEN news today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by donkey-shlong, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. there was a thing on bikes in the spurs, played @ around 5:40pm...

    No incriminating stuff unless posted by the originating person.

  2. Doubt it big d*ck.

    No reason for anyone to use em. Theres nothing spectacular
    in either clip.
  3. :LOL:
    they were just talking about how riders upload there vids to the net,
    and if ya search 'black spur' in youtube one of em is the 2nd vid on there (the 1st ones a zzr250)

    they DEFINITELY showed a bikes dash from a cam, and im 99% sure it was one of those

    it does seem that know one watches the news though :p
  4. F*ck watching TV/news. I prefer to read it instead. Rarely watch the box.
    Kids have control of em ere :grin:
  5. Commercial TV news disgusts me on the rare occasion I see it.
  6. Yeah same here so it seems. Maddy came running in saying "Quick Mum, tell em all to stay away from the Black Spur, they have coppers who camouflage themselves trying to get speeding motorbikes!!!!!! :LOL:
    At least she's looking out for bikes ;)
  7. :LOL: Deb.

    Hey, that reminds me..

    (off-topic) Sorry big d*ck/OP :grin:

    Spoke to someone today (a social rider). Talk moved to bikes & the fella
    was telling me how he travels the Spur regularly (as a cager) & how he'd
    seem cops camouflaging themselves there catching bike riders etc.

    He went on to say that he has nothing against "those who ride bikes
    but that spur is dangerous place with how I see them riding there. Not
    that long ago, a group of 3 bikes overtook me in one of the corners going
    on the opposite side of the road. When I later caught them at the inter-
    section, I had a go at em & they denied it was them!"
    :evil: :shock: :LOL:

    "The sooner the police cleans the place out, the better"

    I then told em about Loz' post, how the Gov was reducing the area to
    80km/h. He agreed this was a step in the right direction.
  8. Thats what i said when i heard that one of the clips had been used.
    All of the riding in that video is for the most part legal; it was simply a casual run through the spurs on a slightly damp day mostly to just check the lines i was taking through corners before i did another track day.

    I actually forgot i had that posted on there; but there's no reason to take it off as the riding is for the most part law abiding.
  9. Just for reference, a proactive motorcyclist (and an all round great person) has been in contact with me and asked if i would mind removing the video's from YouTube; of which i'm more than happy to comply.
    Appropriate reasons were given, and whilst the content of the videos IMHO (and many others) was 100% legal, having them posted on YouTube could only honestly be seen as 'fuel to the fire'. Whilst at the moment i'm not an active motorcyclist i still whole heartedly support all motorcyclists and will do what ever i can to ensure the viability of motorcycling in the future.

    I still have a copy of both of the video's and will keep them as a reminder of the freedom and thrill that comes with legal road riding on some of the most spectacular roads in our country.

  10. Dude

    I don't accept that a vid that shows nothing untoward can be seen
    as being fuel in the fire when there are heaps of vid on-line showing
    speeds clearly in excess of the limit.

    Your decision tho bud, but if they were my vids, I would've informed
    person of the above & tell him hes contacting the wrong person; then
    kindly decline request to remove my own clips.
  11. Why? If they're not showing anything illegal what reasoning could possibly be used to justify removing them?

    Weak. They're your vids, your decision yadda yadda. But still 100% fail.

    I can honestly only see it as someone posting videos of them doing a sport they enjoy. It's no different to home video of your kids' soccer match.
  12. In a media age where anything at all is being used to generate hysteria in the public, why give any ammunition at all. I saw Koma's vids and yes, there were moments there where the speedometer indicated speeds that would see him walking for a few months, assuming that the speedometer was accurate.

    Why give them ammunition? Remember, while we may think of road riding as a sporting hobby like soccer or football, the media representation of it is vastly different, and ultimately it affects everyone who just wants to ride.
  13. It's all about hype. The current media "safety" campaign (finally spending some of our rego revenue) is being derailed with YouTube footage to portray all riders as "hoons". I reckon cagers get jealous of bikes ability to get somewhere quicker and can overtake in smaller gaps.
    Black Spur and Reefton Spur are being targeted, combination of complaints and also higher accident rates. Have fun but be careful!

    At least now you know how you can get busted!
  14. No you wouldn't have - you'd have posted 8 quotes, seven emoticons before telling them to get fcuked :p
  15. *Shrug* if they're showing something illegal then perhaps there's a tiny amount of justification. If it was my footage it would still be online though I'd take more care anonymizing it.

    As to media hype argument, giving in to this is a slippery slope. It's almost as bad as the 'think of the children' horse shit that facilitates a lot of bad decisions and laws.

    *Who cares* what the media does? Unless you're Rupert Murdoch you wont be exerting any sort of influence over the wider media. Media's propensity to go after the "shocking" and "oh my think of the children after seeing that I feel like a much superior person compared to those hoons/teens/*insert victim group here*" is well known and has been a staple of the tabloid "current affairs" shows for the past decade. If you let what may or may not appear on TV/print influence your actions unduly, not only are you letting the media get away with it, you're helping them _do_ it.
  16. If you hand them the videos to use to sensationalise their stories for purposes of making dollars, because that's all that they reall care about, and in doing so cause more attention to be brought to yourself when you really don't want that kind of attention, then THAT'S helping them _do_ it.
  17. just like to say, i did have his permission, but ty for keeping me inline :cool:
    im sure it was the vid on the news... i watched em a few times b4 getting my L's, and its a shame there being removed,

    anyways, go on with the slightly off topic discussion :)

  18. That's fantastic! Very well trained ;)
  19. I've always been an on the whole a responsible road rider. Those clips were filmed whilst playing my usual game through the spurs which is 'stick it to 100' which is where i'll endeavour to get through the black spur at spot on 100km/h for the entire stretch. At that point in time i was analysing my own road riding to find out where i could improve my lines, both for pace and safety.

    In the last 7 months since i had my 'awakening' by the authorities i've had plenty of time to think whilst peddling to work every morning; and that perhaps the image i was portraying to both other riders and the general public was IMHO not that which i would have liked.
    I had actually forgotten about these clips until i had it pointed out to me by donkey. I had a laugh that they were the most highly viewed 'black spur' clips on YouTube.

    ... and that is my point in a nutshell. What i know to be safe and responsible riding within my limits with a comfortable safety margin; contrasted to what the public (non-riders) view as reckless and dangerous riding are hugely overlapped!
    Whilst i admire the skill and technique of a good rider at the MotoGP, Superbikes, or even an amatuer track or road video posted on YouTube, the motorcycling-ignorant public that view the same footage have no understanding of the technique of safe road riding and as such label anything where by a vehicle is required to bank at <45º as dangerous, reckless and endangering behaviour.
    Thats not to say that the footage contained in my video's contained any significant skill or technique; more it was just me enjoying the fruits of endless hours of labour working to restore that glorious motorcycle to the point where it was capable of such feats as were shown.

    One observation that i've made since i stopped road riding and taken up other hobbies/sports is that the attitude exhibited by a great number of motorcyclists isn't very encouraging to maintain the freedom that they (we) take for granted. For example, over the summer i have spent the majority of my time kitesurfing - which is viewed as on the whole a dangerous sport. It's a fantastic outlet for me and allows me to expel all the energy and enthusiasm i would whislt on a motorcycle. Unfortunately the general public who use the beaches have taken a strong disliking to kitesurfers as they are seen as 'hoons of the beach' doing what the ignorant general public interpret as extremely dangerous acts in what they view as close proximity to innocent bystanders. Thankfully, the governing bodies of the sport have recognised the issue and are attempting to educate the general public to ensure a positive view of the sport, and in turn to ensure a future for what is a relatively new sport.

    If motorcyclists want to continue to enjoy the freedom offered by their pride and joy, then i suggest each and every one endeavours to make sure they are viewed in a positive light by the public. Anything which can be viewed by the motorcycling-ignorant as dangerous or reckless (including my video's) isn't going to help matters - hence, for the good of all that is two wheeled i removed the clips from YouTube.
    Now if there was a video section on Netrider where only members could view the video's i'd have no problem re-posting them again.


    PS. Ok that turned out to be a bit of a long rant. Excuse the tangents and just take it on the whole that every motorcyclist should enjoy their hobby/sport as much as they can in a legal and positive manner.
  20. And following that line of thinking EU transport ministers recently discussed banning motorcycles in Europe as part of the proposed "Vision Zero" transport safety plan.

    The EU discusses a blanket ban on bikes. You remove videos of you enjoying your legal sport in a legal manner. Both actions stem from the same misguided thinking.

    You make your points well and I accept the reasoning behind your conclusions. I'll even grudgingly accept that it may make some small amount of sense, if you fail to take into consideration where this approach ultimately leads.

    Everything in life is relative. Motorcycles are more dangerous to their operator than cars. I don't think anyone would seriously attempt to debate this. Bikes can be operated in a safe manner but ultimately nothing we as riders can do will beat airbags and crumple zones if we end up in a situation where they may be required.

    If we moderate our actions based on what the general public perceives to be ungood behaviour rather than on legality and personal ethics we do more than simply add to the groupthink/"think of the children" phenomenon, we actively encourage its spread. It's borderline crimethink and worse, it's self inflicted.