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Anyone watch 4Corners last night ? . . . car rebirthing !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. I highly recommend you guys watching the repeat of the 4Corners episode last night regarding the vehicle theft crime in Sydney.

    I think they repeat it on ABC2 (those who have digital) and also on Saturday on free to air.

    The story detailed the activities the south-western sydney vehicle theft gangs, their connection with middle-eastern gangs (yeah, yeah pulls out the race card . . but ITS REALITY !!!), how the authorities caught up with them, but what more interesting is the many ways these dodgy people rebirth cars and bikes and the extent they go. For instance, a burn out shell of car is worth thousands because the chassis rail ID no. can be reused !!!

    Good viewing !!
  2. With all these stolen cars/bikes how come I never get offered a cheap R6? I must not hang out with the right people. :cry:
  3. So thats where all the sideways "drifting" idiots in the middle east get their vehicles. :? Making me pay more for my insurance :roll: what can you do?
  4. + 1 for DataDots......
  5. As mentioned during the programme, I've actually seen the Stolen Car Squad turn up at Sandown and check the engine & chassis (VIN) numbers of all the race cars in the pits looking for stolen items. They actually found one once :shock:

    I know of one example of a drag racer who funded his racing by growing what looked like tomato plants (no not Victor Bray who is a Tomato Farmer, I'm talking about someone else), said racer was caught eventually.

    I liked the duplicate car trick where they rebirth a car with the ID of a currently registered vehicle so there are two cars registered ABC-123 and it's not until the proper owner ends upwith a ticket from a speed camera he didn't do or realises his rego renewal doesn't turn up do they start to look for the 2nd vehicle.
  6. that wasnt a particular HQ with a Eureka stokade flag on the roof was it?

    the story behind that one was some guy had sold it to the wreckers (Bendigo i think) for $$$ and then reported it stolen and claimed insurance.
    I guess he expected it to be crushed.
  7. This has been going on for years. I once went to an NRMA damaged vehicle auction. All the cars with rear end damage were selling for about 70% of market value. When I asked my panelbeating friend about it he said they steal cars and use the numbers off the cars they buy at acution.
    Another thing that's been going on forever is selling of compliance plates for rare and unusual cars. You get a beat up XB Falcon coupe, add aftermarket parts and a GT compliance plate, and part some young kid out of $15k.

    It's sick.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Amazing what lengths people go to. And in the end we all pay for it with higher insurance premiums which is crap. One guy got caught and got (if I can remember correctly) either a suspended jail sentence or a very short sentence. They should lock em up for a few years I recon.

    The other thing with at data dot, can't people just spray over it? or sandblast it off? or do they figure it's too much trouble to make it worthwhile?
  9. That happen to my parents Camry.
    The police called to ask questions about it, it turns out that someone had cloned it, same color, model year and numberplates. The poor owner did not know about it.

    The car got caught on a speed camera and I think suspicion arose when two addresses came up on the database !!! :eek:

    My parents change numberplates the following week !
  10. Not sure about the flag but the story matches what I heard.

    Small world isn't it.....
  11. I was flickering channels last night and the repeat was on about the car rebirthing. To be honest some of the methods used amazed me. So clever ... it looks like datadot is the best with a 94% reduction in stolen WRX's (from memory). WOW - i didnt realise car rebirthing was so high in Australia.

    I quite liked the documentry, was not one-sided and it showed the flaws of the Rego system and the insurance companies. To me some of the ideas didn't seem cost effective.

    I wonder if this is all the same on bikes? Unregisterd trail bikes would be a common to steal right? or would thieves be into more expenisve road bikes for a bigger profit.
  12. Yeah well Young Tim was doing particularly well in the HQ points score that season from memory, it sort of threw a spanner in the works as they impounded the car straight away. he got it back a few weeks later once they sorted out what had happened and he was the inocent vitim.
  13. This is funny.

    I know the wreckers it was sold to........ :shock:

    could tell you a few things about some cars that went throught that wreckers... like the cops actually buying a car......and it is still in use!!!