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Anyone want to ride with m e?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I figured this wasn't monumental enough to announce in the events/ride section, and because I've only ever ridden alone (no i don't have any friends), all that stuff about being the 'lead' rider sounds kind of daunting.

    Either way, I need to take my bike from sydney to my new home in Nowra on a Saturday (most likely 12th or 19th of Feb weather pending of course)

    If theres any other lone rangers out there that wouldn't mind tagging along for a relaxing punt down the coast, stay tuned.


    Tentative plans are;

    Meet at riverside rd @ 1030am - theres a small gravel carpark just before the bridge

    Stop at Bald Hill for some hot dogs.

    Then a relatively boring leg down to albion park - fill up.

    Pies at Robertsons

    Moss vale road to Nowra - Now i've never ridden this leg before so I have no idea what its like. Hopefully not too boring.

    Anyway, I can hear crickets chirping now.
  2. *cries and hugs*

    i'd come ride, but don't get back to sydney until a week (or three) after those dates.

    PLEASE can someone else help out?
  3. 12th isn't out of the question for me, but I need to wait a few days before I can confirm. I live in the St George area so it's an easy meet...
    Working the 19th :(
  4. I think the 19th also has a putty run going. In dubbo on the 12th.

    Make the trip to albion park a lot more interesting by heading up picton road and then taking the mt keira rd down the escarpment. Moss vale to Nowra is great, watch out for tight hairpins while going down Barrengary Mountain.
  5. Sounds like a nice run, but too far away for me on those weekends. Good luck with the move and hope to see you on some other rides.
  6. Not great timing I'm afraid. I'd have come along, but I am running the Warriordash on the 12th.
  7. OK I'm good for this Saturday, but a much earlier start would be appreciated - more like a 7.30am meet if you can manage something like that? Apart from lighter traffic it might avoid the "developing showers" being forecast...
  8. Sorry I'm gonna have to postpone this one to possibly the 19th (or the following Saturday - gah), I unfortunately cannot make a 730 am meet as it'd mean i would need to leave nowra at around 5am :nopity:

    Thanks for your interest guys it makes me warm and fuzzy, I feel like abit of a bum for having to postpone. Stay tuned if you're still interested
  9. Cool, means I could likely be in then!
  10. Sorry 'bout that Phil - I didn't realise you had to come up from down there for the meet; I thought you were staying around Bankstown Friday...
    If it's the 19th I'm working as I mentioned, but the 26th should be fine if it ends up being that date - I reckon you'll get some company either way ;)