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anyone want to practise for Ps in Melbs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cameo, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Aloha, I started riding in November and I'm thinking about putting aside a whole day on a weekend sometime soon to start really practising stuff I need to be able to do to get my Ps.

    Anyone else in a similar situation and want to meet up in vacant, almost traffic-free area one weekend soon? I live in the inner city, and there's some sidestreets in an industrial area just a few mins ride from me that are ideal for this sort of thing (such a relief to have them close by for that first weekend when I got my bike)!

  2. I'm up for it, depending where in Melbourne.
  3. Like I said, I was thinking about doing it near the city. Fishermans Bend, to be exact.
  4. I'll come. I am too lazy to practise on my own. All my riding is just to get me from A to B.

    Were you thinking next weekend, Cameo? I'm not going away on the Easter long weekend :-({|=
  5. What are you going to practice? Turn left, turn right, stop?
  6. You should practice counter steering swerving and emergency stops
  7. I may be interested in meeting up to guys!

    Whos bringing the witches hats?
  8. Sounds great, count me in too!!

    ...except if you're planning it for Easter long weekend, I will be away

    If not, please keep me posted

  9. After doing mine yesterday, I'd advise that :)

    Practice, practice, practice! But keep in mind, you don't know what light you're going to get until you're doing it (and you've done the first three so you CAN anticipate the last light!).

    The curve test is easy (and that's the one I was worried about!), it's the lights that can get'cha!

    Good luck all :)
  10. Already done the licence test but am always wanting to practice, I am up for this, when is it happening ?
  11. i already have my full licence but seeing as though i have recently just got back to riding, id like to come too n practice some counter steering n emergency stops.
    just let me know where n wen.
  12. A great thing to do is to get someone to stand up the track and suddenly put their hand up for stop or hand out for left swerve, or right swerve - in random order.

    Those lights can be a real biatch and I remember I tried to go left right and stop and over the handle bars all at once in the practice and it wasn't pretty :oops:
  13. Fantastic idea :)

    They say 'don't anticipate' but it's freakin hard not to. Especially when you're not allowed to brake first when you swerve! Fantastic piece of advice that one :)
  14. A good thing I got taught by my instructor was, when riding on that part of the test, take a deep breath and say loudly, "Okay, what do you want me to do?" to the light thingie.

    then it shows, and then you react.
    I guess, really you're distracting yourself with the breath and the question.

    Coz I know I was screwing it up during the pre-test. After he gave me that tip it worked. :p
  15. Do you have a date, time and place decided yet. If I'm not doing anything, I'd be happy to come down to demonstrate, advise and help out if you want me to. :)
  16. Seany that would be fantastic! A date & time is currently in the pipeline..
  17. Cameo, have sent you a pm, just let me know when / where this is happening. :)
  18. anyone who lives near flemington wanna practise with me? was thinking of practising in that huge empty carpark near the kensington footy ovals. my test is next wed.
  19. cameo - i have one other mate that will probably come too!
  20. Good luck with your test guys! :)

    I went for my P's just after 3 months and roughly 3,000k's worth of riding. I had never been on any long trips, all my riding was spent commuting to work down the eastern into the city.

    Only lost 14 points out a 40. The test isn't very hard. The lights you need to swerve or brake in front of have 4 sequences. Once you've done 3, you'll automatically know that the forth is. Even with slow reflexes you'll have plenty of time to pass. Then there's the cornering, when you take a corner and they measure your speed at the apex of the turn. Might be best to bring some chalk to mark some lines. It''s the same as taking a turn while staying in-between tram tracks (just don't try this in the wet). I think there was one other part to the test aswell.

    Try not to worry too much about it.

    Thinking about it more - definitely bring some chalk. This will be very handy for making the cross with lines to measure your progress for countersteering and braking. That and with what Bonkers said about having someone do the signals would be a huge help.