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Anyone want to help me look at my first bike? Mill Park, VIC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy Mac, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. hi all, apologies if this is the wrong forum but I am planning to look at this Kawasaki ZZR250 tomorrow night (Wed 6th), and wondered if there was any netriders near the bike (Mill Park, VIC) who could help me assess the bike. It seems in good order with no scratches, however I am only new to bikes and may not be able to pick everything up. If anyone can help me please PM me, thanks! :)

  2. he stores it in the lounge room???
    Good luck with you first bike!
  3. who knows? maybe its just a sales tactic to make it look like its cared for :)
  4. The year of manufacture on that bike is 1998.
  5. ^^ According to who/what?

    OP There are a few NR in/near Mill Park. Hope someone can help. I'm pretty sure I know who will put their hand up but I wont dob them in :)
  6. Vicroads Vehicle Information Package + the person who filled out the forms?!

  7. How can you tell that? As you know it's listed as 2003, should I be concerned about that?
  8. Fair enough. Maybe next time give us some details first :wink:

    OP check the compliance plate, which will have the date of manufacture on it (all the more reason to take someone with you) Do your own VR check and ask seller what's the go?
  9. The information was pulled off the VicRoads website. Perhaps he hasn't always parked it in his lounge room either? Who knows whats true?! :shock:

    Though there is another ZZR250 in Melb from another NR member in the For Sale section!
  10. this is how Plate Number : BR464
    Vehicle Make : KAWASA
    Vehicle Body Type : SOLO
    Year of Manufacture : 1998
    Colour 1 / Colour 2 : BLUE
    Transmission :
    VIN/Chassis Number : JKAEXMH192A085272
    Engine Number : EX250EE178899
  11. hmm.. where on the Vicroad's website can I get info like that from? I am starting to think I should steer clear of this bike.
  12. Free preliminary checks can be made on bikes etc from the VicRoads website


    on the left hand side click "Do a vehicle pre purchase check".

    Its free but doesn't tell you much, if you go on further (for financial/write-off/stolen information) it will ask for credit card details $23.90) or give you an error (if the bike has been registered more then once).
  13. thanks!

    edit: gave him a call and will postpone any visit until he can sort out the details. said he bought it new from PS in 2002.
  14. just have a look ive seen a few 2002 zzrs and the color and style are the same just check the compliance plate for a build date also it might be a 98 sold new in 2002 it happens
  15. hey mate, have you got your licence yet? If not, I can test ride it for you. I can grill him about the bike date too.
  16. Just got my learners but would prefer a friendly NR to test ride for me (given my lack of experience). I have decided to leave this for a week or so, something about a 1998 bike being sold in 2002 doesnt fill me with confidence, but if its still available next week I might see if hes willing to drop the price for the sale. Thanks a lot to all those who replied helping me get a decent first bike!
  17. when you areready pm me and i can meetyou there or pick you up and pillion you there also if the bike turns out to be a 98 model im sure the guy selling the bike could lawyer up as he says the invoice says 2002 model and its a 98 they will be up for it i rang him also
  18. Hey Cowboy, where abouts are you located?
  19. Hawthorn at the moment, Wheelers Hill in a few weeks time. I am also considering getting a VTR250 or a GPX, but planning on getting rid of whatever get as soon as I can get my bigger bike :)
  20. Despite the questionable parentage of this bike if all else checks out ok you will have a good barganing tool. As a bike the ZZR250 had no major changes so it will still be a good bike.

    Dont buy into his fight with PS. If he's paid the reg 4 or 5 times and never checked the details thats his issue.

    Up to you to walk away but I still say if it checks out ok it will be ok just make him an offer for a low km 98 bike. All rubber items and oild are or could be up to 9-10 years old now :wink: