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Anyone wanna ride tomorrow???

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ScottyOZ, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. I'm keen to go for a ride tomorrow. Sick of shit weather but tomorrow looks OK. Got about 300 km or so left on the rear tyre that I need to wear out.
    Sorry for the short notice. I am happy to ride anywhere around the Brisbane (ish) area with anyone who is keen.
    Let me know if anyone has anything planned, otherwise I'll be riding by myself about the place :)

  2. Scott if I wasn't working tomorrow I'd happily join you but..... ](*,)

    If the weather looks OK on Sunday I'll go for a ride somewhere but have to wait and see.

    What tyre are you gonna get??
  3. Sunday is supposed to be worse weather wise.
    Probably just going to get another Michelin Pilot Power to keep it matching with the front. Then they should both wear out at the same time next time, so I'll look at changing to either the new Michelin Power Pure, Dunlop Q2 Qualifier or Metzeler Sportec M5.
  4. Nice!

    I just got set of Michy PR2s put on last week, didn't want to run out of rubber on our trip :p

    Already I can see a huge difference over the Dunlop Qs I had on the bike from new. Only done 30kms on them and already my chicken strips are skinnier than my worn out Dunnies. :D