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Anyone using Optus Fetch TV?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Optus are now offering a defacto cable tv option with their internet pacakge, called Fetch TV. Is anyone here using it??

    For $85 a month, you get home phone (all local, national fixed line and optus mobile calls free), 120G of internet at cable speed, plus fetch TV which is essentially a PVR with some smart TV functionality including 30 free movies a month. Sounds reasonable on the face of it. You can also buy different packages for a nominal monthly fee to add additional channels... very much a cable subscription by stealth option. The movies and channels come over the internet (ethernet cable or powerline adapter ethernet) without adding to your download totals...

    What's your experience??
  2. Sounds like the same service internode have made available for a while. Foxtel will also stream through an XBox.
    Quality of the stream should be ok depending on your connection.
    I regularly stream through the TV from Bigpond Movies and watch some of their very limited Bigpond TV. No quality issues on ADSL 2+.
  3. Currently using FetchTV through Iinet, same channels, same hardware I believe.

    It was a good compromise between the Foxtel IQ box which we previously had & didn't really use & buying a PVR, but we've since moved house & the internet can't handle Home TV 2, only 1, which means we're renting a PVR... Can still download movies for $, but you don't get the 30 free per month. The Youtube app is quite good though :)

    My internet gripes aside, the unit itself is very good, good interface & usability. Your FTA channels come through the antenna, it multiple tuners so you can record 2 channels & watch a third at the same time. They have just added USB support which was promised a long time ago in the Beta version, which seems to be working well & there is support for sharing files from your home pc/network which I haven't tapped into much yet, but should be good.

    The load times on the box are horrendous, some batches of firmware seem to be worse than others...

    Other than that, I can't comment on the Optus package, but the channels that are bundled were more in line with what were actually interested in than Foxtel, YMMV.

    Anything specific you were curious about?
  4. This is supposed to be a zero cost add on to my current Optus subscription. Just wondering whether it's worth the hassle.

    What's it cost to "pay per view" a latest release? I'm guessing the 30 bundled movies a month aren't the top of the pops.

    I already have a blue ray /DVD / Dual tuner PVR Panasonic combo unit. It's a pearler. I guess I was also wondering how I might be able to add the fetch TV box to the set up. Each PVR box would have it's own HDMI connection into the TV. If I could antennae loop through the fetch box, into the panasonic box and loop through into the TV, I could record four concurrent channels, pause live tv on the fetch box on another channel and watch live tv on the actual tv. LOL. (Is there really ever that much to watch on tv at the same time??)
  5. $6.95 for new release stuff, down to $3.95 for the older stuff. IIRC, the bundled movies were a pretty good mix, mostly new & 'classics', but it's been a while...You should be able to find a list of their currently screening movies I would expect.

    But if you download movies you can stream them from your PC which is a good feature, not unique to this unit though.

    I'd say it's probably superfluous with your current setup, unless the bundled channels particularly interest you.
  6. Bugger Foxtel etc....

    Look to Netflix and Hulu plus from the US on Apple TV or similar. Costs me $20-$25 a month for the lot . Also stream the BBC programmes through their iplayer type sites for free.
  7. shit, steer clear of Optus as they are refusing to spend money on infrastructure, they are doing a Vodafone
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  8. Buy apple tv and jailbreak it. Free tv shows for everyone.
  9. don't you need a proxy?
  10. I use unblockus, cost is $4.99 a month. That gets you UK and US access. Included the cost in my original figures .