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Anyone using an ATV lifter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rebm, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    Does anyone use an ATV lifter for their bike? I'm wondering how easy they are to use singlehanded and if the bike is stable when working under it. I have a Hyosung GV700 which is quite long and only has a sidestand so I can't get at everything even for a simple clean.

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  2. Tks for the info. Thats the one i'm looking at. What difference did the blocks of wood make in terms of single operator? I was wondering how I would actually get it up on my own with noone to hold the bike upright.
  3. The motor drops below the frame at the front so I put 2 strips of wood on the support beams and cut out a section to allow the engine to hang free. I then added 2 blocks about 50 mm in so that when I run the jack under the bike from the high side whilst it is on it's side stand it would stop when the blocks came on contact with the lowest part of the frame. This positions the bike on the jack. I just give a little support to the bike as I jack it up or lower it. The blocks keep it correctly positioned so that when it is fully raised the bike is center on the stand and the bike comes up to the vertical position and off the side stand.

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  4. Thanks. Will give it a try.
  5. I use a similar one for my 1100.
    I line the lift up with the rear of the main frame to get behind the sump and then just crank away.
    I normally put the jack in from the left side so that you can see when the Jack is fully under the bike.

    As you lift it comes up off the stand and straightens up. Once it's supported by both frame rails then it's all good. You can lift further to clear the wheels off the ground, or just stop there.

    There's also another thread on here about jacking up cruisers. If you are only doing it to clean it or do simple maintenance then you might not need to buy the full lift.
    Just uses a normal Jack and a few bits of 4" x 2". Just have a scroll through the cruiser page.