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Anyone use(d) Rever?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crembz, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Hey I stumbled across this when I was mapping out a route for my next ride hopefully this weekend sometime ... deadmandeadman I've now hit 700ks and I think I'm ready to expand beyond the route from Emerald to Woori Yallock and back :D


    Seems like it could work really well if enough people used it. Does anyone here use Rever?
  2. A bit of description would assist since that link asks me to sign in or register.
  3. Sorry mate try this: http://rever.co/

    It's a ride planning / community app, with suggested routes by some motorcycling group called butler.

    I've just used it to create a route with waypoints you can then launch on your phone, but you can also join groups/rides. It's a global thing by the look of it fairly new, not much activity is AUS yet, found some people in NSW on it though.
  4. Looks pretty cool. The app looks like it has some great features on it. Hopefully it takes off in Aus and once the numbers grow it would be great for organising ride groups.
  5. Yeah I thought it has some great features too. Why don't we try it out to organise our group rides for net rider. We'd be able to share routes easily and have them all on our phones. Add a phone mount to the bike and you've got GPS navigation for those of us who don't know many routes.
  6. The security paranoia in me would ask:
    • are routes, speeds and locations stored in the cloud.
    • if such information is stored what options do you have for its deletion and how long does the data persist prior to auto deletion.
    • what legal jurisdiction does any stored information come under.
    • is the data encrypted in transit and on the storage servers.
    • what level of request do police have to make to get this data.
    Apps and systems like this are great but you want to know the level of information you are providing others including officialdom.
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  7. Valid point, but I don't see how that would be any different to riding with your phone in your backpack and location tracking on (which most people never turn off). The data lives somewhere, is time-stamped, can be plotted on a map and depending on privacy laws and sovereignty of data, can be accessed by law enforcement. Unless you input personally identifiable information and send it to the Vic roads servers, I can't see how they'd trace any information back to an individual and issue a fine/suspension.

    Looks like it leverages Google's mapping service and overlays community functionality over the top. Route planning, waypoints and navigation can be done on Google maps anyway.

    Biggest challenge with tracing I reckon would be

    Obtaining the data from foreign servers
    Tracing the data back to a specific vehicle/registration and thus personally identifiable information.

    And best of all, if you're super paranoid, it has an offline mode.
  8. Yep, I am not saying don't use these sort of utilities, I am saying take responsibility for checking the security implication and hold companies to a high level of integrity. I am a bit concerned the company has no Privacy Statement available.
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  9. Google also doesn't charge for this functionality. Unlike Rever...
    Dunno if it's worth *that* much...
  10. Yeah seems a little steep, but looks like you can join groups and rides, but you can't create groups, see friends on the map or add friends off your phone. I added a friend and joined a group in the browser based interface just fine but there seems to be no Aussie groups yet.

    To be honest if there were enough people on there and you could always find a ride going through your area I'd pay. I seem to see the rice announcements here a day too late :(