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Anyone use a CB?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, May 21, 2007.

  1. And apart from the bleeding obvious.

    Started riding 365, and was searching Ebay for more sh***t for the bike yesterday, and came across CB setups for the bike.

    IN traffic - any advantages?

    Touring with others - I can see some obvious pluses.

    On a day to day basis - what can they be used for? Or are they just toys for the boys?
  2. I've heard a 'rumour' that you can use them to talk to truckies and find out exactly where the coppers are on the freeway so you can maintain a safe speed..

    I'm sure its not true though..

  3. Depends if you like listening to blokes swearin at other blokes and then other blokes tellin this bloke that they'll get a heap of other blokes and come and visit this bloke (coz they know where he is) and teach him how to talk to blokes.
    Or usually just after school knocks off and Dads left the car unlocked again you get to hear the extent of our local youths vocabulary range, usually over & over & over......... well you get the picture.

    Seriously though, they're great on trips, just turn em off when you get closer to town.

    my 2 cents
  4. Its very true. You can usually find out about accidents and stuff as well. But never forget that the cops can also listen in on these channels.

    On a day to day basis, not very useful, for touring with mates very useful.
  5. I know a bloke that does this. He reckons it is pretty reliable......but nothing is 100%.
  6. I had a UHF radio in my truck [sold now... gosh I miss it] - and it was excellent.

    A couple of mates had hand-helds, so on road-trips we'd talk and play "Who Can Think Of the Most Animals Beginning With The Letter *" :)

    I've also heard new jokes, some very funny random stuff, and excellent arguments: learnt some great new insults too! :grin:

    One time on the F3, there was an accident and traffic was totally stopped. Loads of people were doing U-turns and heading back to Sydney: I just hopped on the radio and asked for any friendlies on the F3 if they knew WTF was going on...

    "Yeah no worries mate, a truck lost it's trailer. They just got it cleared now. Sit tight for 5 and you'll be on your way."

    Lurv the inside info!
  7. And when you are getting bored and sleepy, you can do what a friend of mine has been known to do, and bait the truckdrivers...

    a good one is to ask them not to swear because it upsets you... Truckies seem to have a hyperstimulated swear bear gland, so it will usually bring about an hour of abuse that you can respond to in a simillarly holier than thou manner until you get to your destination...

    Probably best to pretend that you are driving a 4WD with lights on the roof rack less you end up a speed hump... but other than that, better for you than drugs m'kay...

    Or talk in Simplex on the Duplex channels until some no life, sit at home, my amplifier puts out more power than your amplifier, mummy says I've been a good boy, bad boy bubba type starts giving you an earful, and then bait him...

    fun for the whole family (except the whole swearing thing)...

    a curious thing I have found with CBs is that they seem to have a swear word filter... I can remember long trips in the country when Dad would have the CB going to find out about cops...

    all we in the back seat would hear is;

    "cccrrrcccczzzaaacckckkk F>CK cccccrrrrrrxxxaaaccckkkkk MOTHER FCCCKER ccccrrrrrzzzzkkkkkkk SO I SAID cccccccccccrrrrraaacccccckkkkk AND HE HASN'T SAT DOWN FOR A WEEK"

    Good for takling to mates when touring... I would rather not speed than listen to it for any length of time on a trip...

  8. And unlike a mobile phone, it's not illegal to use while you're driving/riding...
    On a bike it might be a little awkward holding the mike up to your helmet tho...lol...but, I guess you can always use a hands free mike. :)
  9. Has the other language stuff settled down a bit now? Not the swearing, the 'learn a whole other language 10-4, breaker breaker, over' stuff.
  10. So it's a bit like trolling a forum eh???
  11. Yeah - you don't need to know that.

    Some people still use it: but you won't get fired upon for not using it.

    Sometimes it's funny though, I heard a guy take a massive bong hit on his radio once
    "*long-bong-bubble-noise........................................................* *cough* over!" :LOL:
  12. ^^ Could've been Pulmonary Oedema :wink:
  13. you sure about that?
    I spent 20 years travelling about OZ with my ex in his truck,
    he got a couple of fines for operating the CB whilst driving.
    Although its not a rule heavily enforced, they can and will issue fines if they want to.
  14. Or farting in the bath?
  15. Caz V1 said:
    Pretty sure.....the following is in the Australian Road Rules and much the same thing is also in the Victorian Road Rules:

    300. Use of mobile phones

    (1) The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police vehicle) must not use a mobile phone that the driver is holding in his or her hand while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction.
    Offence provision.
    Note Emergency vehicle, park and police vehicle are defined in the dictionary.
    (2) In this rule:
    mobile phone does not include a CB radio or any other two-way radio.

    use, in relation to a mobile phone, includes the following:
    (a) holding the phone to, or near, the ear (whether or not engaged in a phone call);
    (b) writing, sending or reading a text message on the phone;
    (c) turning the phone on or off;
    (d) operating any other function of the phone.
  16. That's a big 10-4 good buddy...

    I guess that isn't far from the truth... but it is a bit harder to troll the net while riding to keep you awake... It's a victimless crime...

    Over and out,
  17. Most sets made for bikes have a PTT button (push to talk).

    Definitely hands free.!

    Last time I had a CB was around 1977. It was the internet of the era.
  18. But without the p0rn......
  19. :grin: All I wanna say is look at this months comp (NOT the ARR sub :p )
  20. I use one, wouldn't be without it, small ptt button just near my left thumb and along with phone and GPS all run through Starcom1 unit into my helmet.

    The trucker language is only real bad near cities and SE Qld.