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Anyone up for a ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JenStarlette, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Not quite sure where, probably the hills.. probably around lunch.. will probably get wet from showers at some stage.. but still optimistic..

    Any takers?

  2. Did you go yesterday?
  3. Done around 700kms.. FANTASTIC ride.. especially Mt Baw Baw.. very technical peice of road.. I think I can describe it as a road :shock:
  4. Your insatiable!
    Every day is rideday. :cool:
    I'm caging it to Rays with the family for lunch today.
    I figure he'll be pretty quiet with the weather.
    Might see you there.

  5. Taking your helmet and boots I hope..
  6. Taking my wallet and my stomach. :wink:

  7. Got out this morning, riding along to Cranbourne maccas for a ride, came over the bridge at Laverton, nothing but black.

    Thought, blow this, I'll turn around and go in the director of the GOR, that too was black.

    Bugger that, I came home.

    Where is the fun in commuting through wet twisties?? :(

    If it clears up, I'll go and see Loz ride around with a broken arse.

    Failing that, i'll fire up the playstation and cut some laps ;)
  8. Hey Big fella!

    Yah it just started raining here.. my optimism is fading. I might be heading to see a movie I think.. How far towards GOR did you get?
  9. Jeeze, you can't get enough can you ! :LOL:

    I would go for a spin with you but have to go to my brother's for lunch. :)
  10. Self-confessed Moto-biko-holic.. :cool:
  11. Well Jen I'm at my parent's place in Yarra Junction. So I can totally understand you wish for going riding. I'm just going crusing the streets today. So get off the net get on the bike, stuff the weather and go have some fun!