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Anyone up for a ride round Sydney next week?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loader, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    I've found myself at a loose end house/cat-sitting in Sydney for a couple of weeks and need to get out for a good ride. Unfortunatly I know nothing of where to ride up here without spending forever dodging traffic.
    Anyone keen to be a bit of a tourguide, or are there any upcoming rides I can tag along on if this rain stops.
    this is me lookin cheesy & my bike BURP (Big, Ugly, Red, Pig)leaving melbourne last week for barrys way and jindabyne

  2. So where you staying - what side of Sydney?

    I'll be going for a ride during the week - more than likley Thursday or Friday, got to evetually be out West at some wreckers (Windsor, Penrith & St Marys) looking for a front mudguard, but could do the Old Road, Wisemans Ferry loop if you want. There is a bit of dirt on this run, not much and easily done on your Thumper.

    Then 18th August there is a full day ride, for bigger adventure style bikes, Central Coast area and should be around half a dozen bikes on it - not organised via this Forum though so PM if you are keen.

    And I suppose you've checked the NSW Events Forum - there seems to be a ride going most weekends of late.

  3. I'm staying in Glebe near the central city. I'm definitly in for the ride on the 18th, I've already put my hand up for in the other forum which I'm a bit more of a regular on. So will see you there! :beer: