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Anyone up for a Goldilocks (intermediate) ride this Sunday?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by danny_tb, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    Is anyone up for a Goldilocks intermediate ride this Sunday? You know:
    Not too slow, not too fast.
    Not too twisty, not too straight.
    Not all day, not too short.
    Not too cold... Ummm... Well, maybe the Goldilocks principle won't work with the weather...

    I'm thinking about going up to the Dandenongs where the altitude and trees might make the air a bit cooler (maybe 36 instead of 40). If you have any suggestions for the route, please feel free to say them.

    If you're interested, let me know. I'm thinking about going from the Shell servo, North Road Ormond (koz I live nearby), 9:00am for a 9:30am start. However, if I don't see any responses, I'll assume there aren't any takers (couldn't really blame you either)...

  2. Hey Danny, I was thinking something like...


    I'll be at the station on corner of Stud and Wellington roads for a 10:00am leave. (which kind of coincides with your departure time)

    Should put us in Kinglake(ish) for lunch.
  3. Oops... Running late (at least I've finished the service on the bike though)... I'll be at the corner of W/ton and Stud ASAP. Gonna ride past the Shell on North Rd just to see if anyone's there, then off I'll go...

    Max... You may want to take your phone number off, just in case... Might see you up there somewhere.
  4. I really wish I thought to read here earlier as I was just thinking how much I'd like to be going for a nice cruisey ride today! Since I have no idea of any of the roads around (still pretty new to vic...) I've put spenze's route in the gps, and may brave the heat of the day and follow that...if you guys are still out, I may see you out there (look for the guy who will probably look slightly lost on a silver hornet :p), otherwise hope you all had a fun day!
  5. Hi guys. I missed Spenze too (got to the Mobil servo at about 10:15). Gordon rocked up just as I was about to fill up, so we went for a nice cruise: Belgrave via Wellington Rd, Kallista, Olinda, Monbulk, Emerald, Kallista, Monbulk, Olinda for lunch, then continued over Mt Dandenong to Canterbury Rd, and then home.

    Although the temperature when we came back off the mountain certainly wasn't "Goldilocks", the temperature up in the hills was only 28 at the hottest, so in the end, even the temperature for most of the ride was "Goldilocks".

    All in all, great fun, great company, and no pressure to ride too hard.

  6. Hey, thanks Danny, very enjoyable, it's good to get out and see Mt. Dandenong again. Thanks again for the company and picking up some very nice "tracks". ( only 1 U turn the whole day, and that was my fault --- dam gravel !)
  7. Spenze and I met up at 10am and did a ride as well. We got to gravel. We didn't turn back. Had a good time at a fairly relaxed pace, which is just what I was after. Thanks for the ride spenze.
  8. Sorry guys, we left pretty much bang on 10am.

    Had a good ride with one Flux (cheers for the pointers). Followed my posted route up to Kinglake then Flux took over and lead us over some gravel.

    The temp was beautiful under the trees. Didn't notice any heat until I was heading back into Melbourne (around Greensborough area).
  9. I enjoyed spenze's many statements over the day.

    "I thought you'd fallen off your bike! You were going straight along like normally, and then it looked like you'd fallen off the seat, but instead you went around the corner and were gone!"

    "I think I've figured out what happens on the faster rider rides. It's not that you go really fast at all, it's just that you don't slow down"

    or one of my favorites:

    "You've been riding since when? You don't look a day over 32. How old are you? (waits for reply) Really?!"

    You're a charmer spenze, but I guess I'm secure enough in myself to let you practise your flattery on me, instead of on a hot date.:-$:p
  10. Spenze has some great statements. Once on a Sunday Learners Ride I asked him what he did for work, he told me his job and then said "I may not look very intelligent, but I really am". :)) We need more of these people on rides. LOL :))
  11. Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed their Goldilocks rides. :)

    Hi Divvy. No worries about the gravel. I actually thought we'd agreed to go that way, so I'll take responsibility too. :)

    Just wondering if it's worth setting up a more regular Sunday ride. I reckon I could get away for half a day once or twice a month. Anyone else interested in setting up a more regular event?

  12. How different would it be from the regular scheduled "learner friendly" Sunday ride?
  13. Hmmm... Dunno entirely... Perhaps I should go on a Sunday learner ride to find out what it's like, so I can answer that fully. However, the thing that comes to my mind is generally cornering above the recommended wet weather speeds (as per the NR definitions). Of course, without breaking the speed limit, so the police won't have any reason to hang around... :angel:
  14. I think it would be a good idea to set up a regular intermediate ride.

    Because I would like the learners ride to stay as a learners/new riders/cruisey riders ride, because then the ride leader who is quite often a new rider/cruisey rider themselves won't feel intimidated to go faster if some faster riders turn up, thereby making the new learners concerned that they can't keep up and spreading the pack way out. This has only happened a couple of times.

    The learners rides usually have more frequent and longer stops, which can be annoying to more experienced people.

    Also choice is great!! People will now have 3 Sunday rides to choose from. They could even start at the learners then move onto intermediate then move on to faster riders, or do it in reverse LOL :)).
  15. Basically, Uncosnail's on the same wavelength as me with what he said.

    I've been told about the Sunday "fast" ride, and my skill level definitely isn't up to it. I've been told about the Sunday learner ride, and it sounds cruisy, but I'd prefer to keep at a decent (legal) speed through corners.

    Basically, I'd be interested in a ride that's somewhere in the middle, say level 3+ like the new "Pete's Mystery Ride" - only on the weekend instead of a weeknight. Saturdays are usually no good for me, so Sunday's the only real option for me. For duration, I'm thinking somewhere around 3 to 5 hours, so it isn't an all day event (even this length of time gives me hip troubles, so all day isn't really an option for me).

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  16. You've got the perfect thread here to start one up.
    I know i'd prefer to go on rides that had more riding and less stopping.
  17. Hmmmmm... It's tempting... Perhaps I'll let my hips recover from the riding I've been doing lately, then I'll organise a ride for a few weks time. :)
  18. Thinking about going for a reconnesence (sp?) ride on Sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to string some nice roads together to lead a few rides. Anyone interested in joining me? Suggestions are welcome!

  19. My suggestion is to stay away from the Dandenong Ranges, it is bucketing down here at the moment. The are rocks are stones and heaps of water, burst water pipes, some roads cut off. Oh and I am a she and not a he, LOL :))
  20. i would love to stick my hand up in the air and tag along on a nice sunday ride, more km's than smoko breaks; please dont take that as being negative but constructive :D:D

    i live in kilsyth so hope this fits into your scheme