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Anyone tried the Dririder Racer X jacket? + riding to work Q

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hitokiri21, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Another soon to be rider here (doing L's next week), and ever since I came across this forum i've found this place to be an absolute wealth of info, so much so that I've spent the last 3 days forming sweat patches on my seat looking thru threads :cool:

    Anyway Im looking into riding gear, and I initially had my eyes set on the dririder climate control jacket mainly due to its versatility. However in my search i also came across the dririder Racer X jacket
    Its in bikebiz com au - March specials ( the forum wont let me post the url, some 5 post limit thing. )

    Aesthetically it looks considerably better than the climate control IMO, and it comes with a back protector as well!! the price also seems too good to be true. I guess the question is whether its as cool as the climate control + is it waterproof. If anyone has this jacket any opinions would be great :LOL:

    Oh and while I have ure attentions (sorry im ure typical newb with too many questions) another quick q.
    I was wondering if there are any riders here who have to wear semi-formal clothing (business shirt + suit pants) for work and also ride to work? The jacket on top wont be an issue, but the prospect of changing my pants + shoes to and from work every day is a little daunting for a lazy arse like me. Any tips would be great : )

    Thanks fellas
  2. I have been looking at that too.

    The problem is it does not include the thermal jip in liner.
  3. These ones.... :grin:
    Racer X http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lmd=39150.666366
    Climate Control

    I have the climate control, good jacket really comfy. Has the removable winter lining and water proof lining, a great first jacket that has everything you need especially if you plan on riding to work during the colder months or if you get caught in the rain.
    Both jackets look great, the climate control wont disapoint and i'm now purchasing a leather jacket for riding. So i've still got the climate control for winter or when its raining.
    I sound a little one sided but hey, thats my opinion, good luck with it all :wink:

    About riding to work, i use the riding gear to work and leave some other shoes at work to get changed into, Put my draggins over the top of my other pants or just wear the pants i'll be wearing at work. Depending on your ride really, i dont go 110% to work its just a commute to and from, so if i NEED to go without the draggins i will.
  4. Work clobber.

    I stopped wearing the flash suit and now go for shirt/trousers and wear the Climate Control over the top - and leave a good set of gears at work for when I need to dress to impress :) .
  5. As a new owner of a racer x jacket (who is currently shivering with a hot cup of cocoa), I thought that it is worth imparting that dri is not dry at all without the thermal lining :cry:
  6. Yeah, I think it might be time to put that lining in mate! As for the original question, both Climate Control and Racer X are the same deal: you need to get the extra liner if you want it to be waterproof/warm - the outer shell is meant to be used in warm, dry conditions!

    Don't get too excited about that 'back protector' either - sure, it's better than nothing, but it's just rubber, no match for a real back protector. According to my Dririder catalogue (which is really getting a work-out today!), the elbow and shoulder protectors are CE approved, but there's no mention of the back protector meeting CE standards. Of course, the actual value of being CE approved' is another can of worms...
  7. bought one today with my new bike, i paid the $60 extra for the 3rd liner, water blader and some other little rubber thingys. the jacket has a pocket up on the back to allow the bladder to sit in there. got the jacket and extras for $400
  8. commuted in a suit for 5+ yrs.

    Monday , take suit coat, trousers, shoes, spare shirt, ties for week, ROLLED up.
    Learnt that from a backpacker - creases stay in, grouse result.
    Leave shoes at work (take spare socks!)

    Tues-Friday - ride to work, change at work into trousers, add tie, shoes, suit coat. Change back to bike stuff to go home.

    Friday - take home washing!

    The spare shirt and socks are the just in case situation where the shirt gets dirtry, or you have a spill, or just get wet.
  9. I have a racer x jackets its pretty good but im yet to test it in the rain (and i dont plan on ever doing so). I find its still warm enough wearing just a t shirt under neath even at midnight when its pretty cold out. Instead of buying the liner i just put a jumper on :p