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Anyone tried a NT700 Deauville?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bogus69, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Is it a bit of a nanna bike or is it still fun in the twisties?

    What does it compare to in feel?

  2. Also, any feedback on the direct drive? is it a reliable one etc.
  3. They are an efficient medium sized tourer, but not much wow factor. Heavy weight, average power but some obviously enjoy them for what they are.

    A few Ulysses members have them and I've copied a review of one in response to a sportsbike rider asking why a Deauville.....

    Sort of sums it all up - enjoying bikes is what it is all about. Some get pleasure of bagging out others choice of ride, but the above poster's review has seen him riding nearly every day for 50 years - I think he's had more smiles from riding, than many of us put together :cool:
  4. Only ever tried that motor (650 version) in the Transalp. Works ok in that package but not sure it is enough for a road bike, IMHO.
    I don't think it's really "you", Bogus.
  5. Hmmm.

    food for thought. I will test ride one next week.

    My problem is that I mostly want the comfort, storage, and pillion freindly aspects slightly more that the "wow factor" as without a car I will be mostly using it in that capacity and occasionally wanting to have a spin in the hills.

    I wasn't even considering it until today for that reason Titus...
    But the more I look at it the more it seems like it might be the right thing for me once I get over the embarrasment. :LOL:
  6. Storage-wise it's great. And I envy those with shaft drive bikes, because chains are a f*cking nuisance. I think it's also relatively cheap for what you get... But yeah, not a hooligan machine.

    Nothing wrong with riding a tourer though. The new ones look nicer than the old ones. And if you carve some dude on a pirate bike up in the twisties, the feeling will be all the sweeter.

  7. I think the worst thing about the bike in the pic is the colour! It's as if Honda consciously went for the beige cardigan look.

    Imagine it in something a little brighter. Okay, it's not the sort of bike that needs fluoro race graphics, but it would look great in the deep metallic red that newer VFRs come in.

    I reckon there isn't a motorcycle out there you can't get enjoyment from riding. If you do long distances regularly but also commute, a Deauville would be rather handy.

    Although...I'd be looking pretty hard at the BMW 800, too.
  8. I'm sure it would suit your needs fine bogus, but I know that I wouldn't be able to live with it simply because of all the flack it receives due to its name: d'oh!
  9. Yeah, I hear ya. I don't like the colour AT ALL and yes I am seriously looking at a F800ST. (see my comments in https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23310&start=30)
  10. Well, just took a ride.
    For the most part I was stuck behind traffic but when I did get free of them...

    It felt like a tank! Not that it was heavy so much, just vibration and clunky sounding/feeling I expect that is the drive shaft?

    Very comfy and the screen was weird. It felt like it causes a backdraft so it felt like I was riding with a tail wind!! Crazy feeling.

    On the road it felt a bit less solid than some of the others. There was a fair amount of bouncing around on the rough bits of road. (probably a case of adjusting suspension I guess)

    Titus, you'll be relieved to hear I have taken it off my list! :LOL:
  11. aww.. I don't really hate them. Just thought you wouldn't stand much chance of picking up if you rode one, that's all! :p
  12. The latest edition of Australian Road Rider has a report on the Deauville. Not surprisingly, they like it.

    A bit too pipe-and-slippers for me, so I'm not surprised you've crossed it off your list!
  13. I have never ridden one myself, but I know someone who owns one, and I think the above is spot-on. This bloke can make it hustle through the twistie's alright, but boy is he working hard, and from behind it seems to pitch back and forward like boat a when turning in hard, and powering out of a corner it squirms like a GP bike hard on the gas, but at a fraction of the speed. He loves it, (but he is kiwi, so that may not mean much)... :p
  14. What are you talking about?

    I could fit once in each panier! (once deflated and folded up of course) :LOL: