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Anyone swapped Speed 3 bug eyes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Shori, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a little project in mind and have done most of the research for it already. Just looking to turn my 2012 Speed Triple into more of a cafe racer looking bike.

    I was wondering if anyone out here has swapped the new bug eyes for the old round dual head lights. If you have, I will really appreciate if you could share your experience doing that.

    My aim is to convert mine to look like the attached pics, but may be with spoked wheels. Lots to be done:

    - for starters my bike is black. Change it to White English Satin
    - got to change the headlights to the old round ones
    - seat - change to brown leather
    - exhaust change from arrow slip ons to something more sleeker or lowboy
    - put on some leather straps on existing grips

    As you can see lots to do.


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  2. This will not answer your questions precisely, but anyways...
    When I purchased my '99 it had been already converted to single headlight (off the old Thunderbird Sport). I wanted to restore to the bug-eye look so after a while I priced original S3 headlight set. Picked myself up off the floor and started searching for aftermarket options. It's important to check that the output specs are an approximate match. There were plenty around and eventually settled for some from a custom Kawa site. That was the easy bit. I didn't need the OE mounting bracket because I was mounting to the fork legs, so that was a big saving. (You probably have a suitable or modifiable bracket). It took a lot of searching, and in the end some fabricating, to get them mounted to the forks. Then there was the issue of wiring a new plug fitting to the bike, as the Triumph one was different to the aftermarket unit.
    Lot of messing around in the end. If you work with OE parts it'll be a lot easier but much more expensive.
  3. Personally I think it's a waste of time, but if you check the triumphrat forums there's a number of people who have swapped them out, either for single headlights or round ones. I think the main challenge is keeping the dash mounting hardware, if you're happy to turf that out and find somewhere to stick the dash you can give the Speed Trip a pretty flat front.

    I always bear in mind the resale value - this is a pretty new bike you're chopping up. It seems wiser to me to buy something that's already depreciated and hack the crap outta that.
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