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Anyone superstitious about riding today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Thoughts?

  2. yeah, but some prick is always out to get you regardless of what a stupid date means
  3. 13 is a lucky number!
  4. Heck no, especially when it falls during my annual leave as it does today :)
  5. I am *now*, thanks, ya knob.
  6. its all about perception... I percieve 13 as luck because of my 93 year old grandmothers instilling in me of one simple fact sorry it ir religous;

    12 apostles
    1 lord
    =13 undefyable reasons why today should be lucky

    -also as i am a dough boy I also view 13 as luck because every time i go to the bakery to get a dozen croissants i get 13... 1 extra wic...

    -last but no least I get condoms by the dozen... and when you do so at my local chemist you get one free 13 shags... for the price of 12! awesome... pure genious.

    As for riding today well no black cats, rooks or grims in your way and you should have a reasonable day.

    edit: need spell checker
  7. I wasn't

    until, while feeding the dogs this morning, my cat leapt at me as I was walking outside, landing on my shoulder, and scratching the crap out of my chest.

    are there myths about an orange cat crossing your path being bad luck?
  8. I didn't ride today. 1 year to date since I met the girl and she hates me riding so I caught the bus to work :)
  9. rode to work today, no problems, but perhaps I shouldn't have parked underneath that damn construction ladder....... only kidding, train to work today! :LOL:
  10. LOL I'd just said that myself :p
  11. Nope, no superstitions here...
    I'm picking up a new bike then riding it home! :D

    PS. My cat is pure jet black... ok with a few grey hairs.
  12. haha +1 loz

    i didn't even know what day it was... i was sure we'd passed april 1st...
    thanks guys
  13. yeah!
    Not superstitious anyway. (touch wood)
  14. Damn you :evil: i wasnt now i will be on the ride home......dark clouds coming over NOT helping.....also thinking about it in the lane cove tunnel the sign said "Bike down in harbour tunnel one lane closed"
  15. No way dude, got the day off Nadeen's at work the sun is shining and there are twisties beconing

    :LOL: :twisted:
  16. yeh friday the 13th... the day my bike got serviced. the only bad luck i seem to have experienced is the shit customer service today. took a while before i was attended by staff.
  17. +1 had no idea until i check the calender just now.....
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. "I'm afraid of Americans" hahaha soooo true
  20. Yeah... it would have been bad luck if I didnt ride to the coffee club today :p