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anyone snorkel/ dive here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doop, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. love to get some insight on spots around vic.. maybe sumone would b up for a splash sumtime? i got my open water about 2 years ago.. been snorkelling since. havent met anyone that can match my enthousiasm yet. hehe
    any info would b appreciated.

  2. I'm sure I'd easily match your enthusiasm, if not surpass it!

    Haven't got my scuba ticket yet, but I'm about as keener snorkeller as you'll come across. I do a lot of spearfishing and freediving for lobsters down here, near where I live.

    But, being in Mount Gambier, so I'm probably a little too far away to be of much use for ya.

    Cheers anyway!

    P.S. Check out my links below for some underwater photos I've taken whilst snorkelling.
  3. International Deep Diver

    Haven't dived in a few years though, gear would need to be serviced, tank re-hydro'd. Portsea has the best diving in the bay, wrecks on the outside coast. Plenty of dive operators down that way.
  4. Freediver here - Probably a little too far north for you...
    Central Coast, NSW ...

    we've got a beautiful DC-8 (aeroplane..) in about 80' of water off BLue bay here, as well as a nice Grey Nurse breeding cave !

    Maybe if you are in Vic, you could go looking for Harry Holt ? - I'm told he just stepped off the rocks there....

    Freediving ... lots of fun :) VERY cheap and I'd say as thrilling as Scuba .. (yea, I've got my PADI ticket as well....)

  5. What is it like to do some Snorkelling? is it easy? :LOL: never done it b4
    i wear glasses would that be a problem ? sorry for the questions just wanting to find some info out :)
  6. good to see theres a few here. must have something to do with adrenalin compared to motorbikes. nice pics mc bigg.

    um, whos harry holt and why did he step off the rocks? :shock:

    is freediving the same as snorkelling?

    charms, snorkelling is similar to diving without the air tank.. absolutely beutiful if you go to the right spots. and anyone can do it.. i wear glasses too. i just have to wear contact lenses when i have the mask on.

    i should have asked where people have been? recomendations ect
    ive been doing peirs around melb and havea hand spear. ive caught a toadfish and a crab so far ^_^ Got the padi certificate through saltys in bundaberg qld diving the lower end of the great barrier reef. stunning. best thing ive ever done.

    also i havea specific question. im told theres a ship wreck just on the beach off black rock.. just under water level. if anyone can give directions. i think that, the mornington peir and a bit more of portsea will be my next adventures.

  7. I've been meaning to learn how to dive... never been around to it though...

    Also want to skydive :LOL:
  8. Hi There

    Both Phil and myself Dive and have dived in some spectacular places in the southern half of the world
    friends of ours own a dive shop in Fiji and in Darwin so we have been lucky enough to head off on some great trips

    we are yet to dive in the Vic area so would love to find some great spots
    (when we get time out from the bikes that is :? )

    snorkling?? not a snorkler if we can help it

  9. Ummm lol --- he means Harold Holt. A Prime Minister who mystically drowned in the sea
  10. And then one of hte local councils goes and names their swimming pool after him. How ironic.

    I have my ticket, but have not diuved for about 18 months now. Need to find some time, but would love to do some soon. Dont enjoy snorkelling but love to dive.

    Mornington pier is a great place to dive, nice and easy.

    Portsea pier is good also as well as rye pier. Then there are the boat trips. J4 submarine is a must see.

    Gotta get in b4 the govt goes ahead with the dredging of the heads because "RIP Bank" is a great wall dive.
  11. "is freediving the same as snorkelling?"

    Sort of .. you use similar gear .... I use a Mono flipper instead of two
    I also use a weight bely, 9lb in my case to achieve "Neutral Boyancy"

    Freedivers tend to go a bit deeper and stay down a fair bit longer than snorkelers too ... my best was about 2 min 10 ... !

    more info ....Well, i cant post links yet, (cant post links until you have 5 posts ? weird .....)

    go to wikipedia and search for freediving...

  12. How much is it to dive in Australia these days? Ive got my PADI licence from when in Thailand, but havent dived since then.

    I would love to do a refresher course and go and dive in Aust and see some ship wrecks or that sub....
  13. sounds like fun!! :grin:
    ok so you wear contacts when you go diving this kinda causes concern to me :LOL: i dont think putting things in my eyes is somthing i wanna do :shock: :wink:
  14. I want to get my PADI after doing 3 dives on the great barrier reef last week, was great fun :) If anyone organizes a netrider group PADI license then count me in! :grin:
  15. Me and my partner dive. Got our open water last summer, then our advanced during the year. Victorian waters have heaps to see, we've got around 25-30 dives and still have heaps of thing we want to see.

    If you dont wear contact lenses, it is possible to get a mask with perscription lenses in it. A bit more expensive, but worth it.
    The dive clubs I've been out with are Paradise Divers in Dandenong and Harbour Dive in Mornington. Both great groups of people. Give them a call and im sure they could help you out with prices of masks and courses.

    That wreck is the HMVS Cerberus. It's a restricted wreck and has heavy fines for diving on or near it. Apparently it used to sit with the deck fully above the water but collapsed a number of years ago (have a feeling that a diver was injured or killed when it collapsed)
    I was lucky enough to be part of a group doing a special dive there last year (had a special permit as we were doing a search around the wreck for the remaining anchors) was a nice but very cold dive(only 9 deg celcius in water). About 3-4m depth and only about 200m from shore. Shame it's now restricted, although part of what we were doing there was that i believe a historical group is looking at trying to get it proped up or something to make it more stable again. Fingers crossed cause it would be a nice dive spot.