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anyone shopped in FC-MOTO before?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by alwayseric, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. i sent two inquiries regarding color and warranty of alpinestar leather jacket to them in two days, no one replied yet. in contrast, american and british reply very fast.

    when germen dont help themselves respond to a potential customer, i hope aussi will do

    one of my question is if there is any quality issue of the jacket, do i return to the shop or the Alpinestar? who will pay the postage?

    another one is about the tech r-1 jacket. on their website, there are two color choices: white black and black white, among other colors which i definitely have no interest. what i want basically is a black jacket, not a white one.

    anyway, their prices are very good compared to US retailers, let alone here in sydney, because they remove 19%vat when shipping to AU.
  2. Have purchased from them previously and will again. Yep, their not too great with regard to email answers. Their also slow in shipping your goods, however the courier used was exceptionally fast and your getting brand name goods for exceptional prices.

    It works like this - if your looking to purchase anything you have three decisions with regard to what your buying.

    Do you want, price, quality or service. Pick two of those because your not going to get all three from any retailer.
  3. I've shopped with them and had to sort out a CC payment issue and the response times and language weren't a problem.

    Sidi Goretex boots for me at a very nice price :)

    Remember its Christmas so they may be flat out trying to get deliveries on their way.
  4. Have ordered a couple of things from FC Moto, one in September and another more recently in November.

    First order took just under a month to get to me from start to finish - No issues, got a pair of brand spanking new boots in perfect condition.

    The latest order has taken much longer for them to dispatch, last time it was about a week before they shipped the boots, this time it was around a month before they even posted it out, I'm guessing that's due to the Christmas demand. I emailed them after having waited a couple of weeks without any update and they got back to me pretty promptly to say that they were still sending it out, so customer service wise I didn't have any issues.
  5. i got their reply today. they answered most questions, except one. actually early this year, i bought a pair of smx-5 boots from them too, it was a little cheaper than the other online retailers. but this time, if can i make my decision and place an order for a a* leather jacket. the money i save from shopping from them is a LOT.

    i will probably place the order after xmas, hope to receive them in one month.

    btw, can any guys tell me how they deal with quality issue? actually, i am asking who will pay for the shipping cost given a faulty or dodgy quality garment? me or them?
  6. you will probably pay postage back to them, who will then look after it from their end.

  7. and ive also shopped with them and had to wait 8 weeks + for some very good quality and cheap stuff. was on backorder and i knew this before ordering so no complaints from me.

    they didnt charge me a cent until they had posted it either