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Anyone sell Whitegoods??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I am in need of a new washing machine and was wondering if anyone here works in retail that sells Washing Machines?

    We are looking for a machine that is upward of 7kg preferably one with lots of buttons so I can use it :p
  2. I used to for the Good Guys a year or so ago, I use to sell lot's of these and I own one myself, The Aqua smart from Fisher and Paykel.
    They have sold hundred's of them, a few had some problems, but for the sheer numbers they sold in that one store, they have an excellent track record.


    Lot's of functions and gadget's, but the wife finds it very easy to use and with LCD Panel it make's my inner geek very happy.

    We have it for 4 years now and the only drama I had with it once, it would not stop the spin cycle, it was spinning for about 20 minutes before we noticed it
    turned it off at the wall, restarted it and it's been fine ever since.
  3. [​IMG] Mkey, knowing vic, i dont think hes after a specific brand, i think he after a massive discount lol
  4. and the ability for it to interface with his iPhoney, of course :LOL:.
  5. Crap!!

    I give away more money than I earn so I'm far from being a scrooge.

    I just don't like paying retail for stuff.

    We currently have a F&P 7.5kg machine. In the 12 years that we've had it I've had it apart and repaired 3 times. It is currently pausing during a normal cycle and the cold water solenoid is on the way out.

    I suspect a dodgy board and a replacement board is almost $400. Hardly worth spending that on such an old machine.

    By the time I repair it it would cost me somewhere near the $500 mark, uneconomical repair.

    If someone does sell such items I would rather the sales commission go to them. I can bargain like a muther****er if I need to, trust me ;)

    I bought a heap of stuff at the local Good Guys and I'll probably go there if no one sells this stuff.