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anyone seen Miami Vice yet ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. I've been seeing the previews and it looks hot !!
    From the makers of Heat and Collateral . . so its right down my alley of action dramas.

    I don't want to go to the movies and get ripped off with all the hype.

    Last two movies I saw was a dissappointment.
    - Failure to Launch
    - Super Ex-girlfriend.

    yeah, yeah, they were chic flicks ! ;) , thats what happens when you let them take control. LOL

    This time i'm putting my foot down and demanding to see to a bloke movie !

    Time not to be SOFT ! ;)
  2. :rofl: :rofl:

    this title should have read "things not to admit"

    haven't seen MV though sorry
  3. dude, I was being soft !, it was a chic thing !

    yeah, yeah, its been my favourite saying paying out Matti and Jaq for being soft . . . I think subconsciously i'm been thinking about myself ! :rofl:
  4. A friend of mine has free gold class tickets... so im waiting for miami vice to let in free tickets and im there ;) :grin:
  5. It's getting some good reviews on imdb. The review on the front is:

    Incredibly realistic and raw. For those expecting to see a rehash of the 80's TV series (which I loved) you will be disappointed.

    It's very much closer to the a real life portrayal of the life of vice detectives. I was expecting the slow mo dramatic showmance shots of Crocket and Tubbs cruising down the streets in hot pursuit to a bumping sound track. But instead got realism which drew me in and made me feel every ounce of emotion these characters felt. Don't get me wrong there are moments of surreal romantic emotion to a great soundtrack, and there are speed boats and exotic foreign sports cars.

    This is one of those few movies that stays in your thoughts well after you have left the theater, which is a rare treat. Unfortunately most of the studio blockbusters flee from your thoughts the moment you exit the dark theater as your eyes begin to adjust to the light outside. Not this one.

    A rare surprise and one you need to see on the big screen because it will suck you in. 10/10

    Sounds good :)
  6. Bugger! I was hoping for a remake of the series!
    For you younguns, the Miami Vice TV series put Michael Mann on the map, he had done some interesting stuff before the series, but nothing truly mainstream.
    Some of the episodes were a bit soft, but some were truly hard hitting, much like Heat was.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I'm seeing it tonight, looks like an awesome flick.
    Heat is one of my favourite movies so if this is anything close it shouldn't be dissapointing

    I thought my super ex girlfriend was good :(
  8. Who wants to go see lakehouse?
    looks pretty good [img:33:15:0781691e23]http://home.iprimus.com.au/krussell1/ugh2.gif[/img:0781691e23]
  9. your verdict Kraven ?
  10. Wang Chung: The Lakehouse would probably be good if it were cast properly. Bullock and Reeves are the two most unlikely people I can think of for this movie, so it's going to take a hell of a lot for me to come around to the idea.

    Miami Vice... Are we supposed to take this movie seriously? I thought it was just a big budget fcukaround playful pisstake on the remake genre, but that dude at IMDB gave it 10 out of 10? IMDB needs some sort of screening process for review writers I think...
  11. lakehouse is the soppy one about the two people time traveling right? sounds too romanitc.
  12. Eh, I'm not against girly movies, as long as there's a unique component to it. Most of them are too formulaic, but then I guess that can be said of any genre really! Only so much you can do before the well runs dry :(


  13. If thats not a chic flick I don't know what is !!! :shock:
  14. [IMG:37:21:3ae7b4edc8]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/kraven_84/Smilies/squintfinger.gif[/img:3ae7b4edc8]

    As for miami vice it wasn't anywhere near as good as i expected and we ended up moving over to the next field and watching you, me and dupree instead :)
  15. Saw Miami Vice last night, better than I expected. not a lot of action but just enough to keep me interested in between the storyline. plenty of gory squirm in the seat moments, for the lady sitting next to me anyway. (I felt bad cheering for more)
    Gong Li seems to get hotter as she gets older.

    Handy tip: sit as far back from the screen as possible, lots of ECU's and handheld camera work.
  16. to be honest, colin farrel annoys me, i don't want to see the movie!

    you, me and dupree looks alright though
  17. i'm a Samuel L Jackson fan !

    I can't wait until Snakes on a plane comes out.

    it has to take the cake with the cheesiest title !! :grin:
  18. Saw MV on sat night.
    yeah, I was impressed - but still not hard hitting as I thought, the hype got to it i think.

    I still don't get it though.
    If your an undercover cop, why cruise around in a open top Ferrari ?
    Talk about drawing attention ! :LOL:

    The white supremist shoot-out scene was good.
  19. Because drug dealers drive Ferraris, and they were supposed to be undercover as drug dealers?

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. I saw a promotional version ;)
    And I must say was one of the most dissapointing movies I've seen. How it got 10/10 from IMDB is beyond me as I found it to be dribble...