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Anyone seen Astroboy?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. I did. Last night.
    Sad I know, but I wanted to see what they had done with an old classic.
    Anyone expecting "high class" cinema noir, don't go.
    They have revamped parts and kept parts original.

    Look for refernces to some very well known films.


  2. If you thought it was going to be 'Sin City', I'd say you were probably deluding yourself. The sole criteria you can judge these things on is how many hours of relative peace you get from the rugrats.

    Reports say it's been thoroughly Americanised (?)

    As with most of these movies, I will probably end up getting to know it very, very, very well :roll:
  3. Well the Americans totally stuffed the other classic revoiced Japanese cartoon from the same era in Speed Racer when they made it into a feature film so should be expect Astro Boy to be any better??
  4. We whinge about these stuff ups....

    They pale in comparison to the butchering of Dragon Ball and its white goku who had an asian grandfather!
  5. . . . . yeah, and Jetfire is suppose to be a F-14A Tomcat, not a SR-71 Blackbird ! Man that movie sequel sucked dogs balls ! I had difficulty following it !
  6. To be honest, I found the Transformers sequel better than the original...mainly because it had more action. But that's not saying much...compared to the original tv show, the movies were terrible plot wise.

    Gonna end up seeing the Astroboy movie with a friend. We go around watching bad movies =P
    We've seen Dragon ball, Speed Racer and even Ghost Rider...I don't know why I paid for those movies...
  7. Were it not for jamie chung I would have walked out of that movie.

  8. Oi Ghost Rider is a classic....:-s
  9. :LOL: Obviously been a while since you watched the G1 Transformer series then. Not exactly quality plot or dialogue!
  10. It wouldn't have worked keeping it true to G1.

    Coz you'd have to have all the Deceptacons turned into rail-guns and battle-ships, while all the Autobots can transform into vacuum-cleaners and staplers.

    The plot is always:
    Deceptacons hatch a plan to get energon. Autobots only just barely manage to foil the plans, and mostly spend their time getting their arses kicked.

    I love G1.
    Optimus about to go into the Deceptacon ruby mine, "If I'm not back in 15 minutes ... come and get me."
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    Love them too.

    This is a classic:

  12. Bluesuede - I've got the 2nd season of G1 on DVD and I still love it for it's awesomeness :D

    Bonk - And I find it offensive you say the Autobots transform into vacuum cleaners! They just transform into microscopes and calculators merge into Computotron! :p

    But seriously, the plot wasn't that horrible. The Autobots and Decepticons' battle ships crashed on Earth, and Decepticons are trying to steal energy from Earth while Autobots are trying to be best buds for life with us while stopping the Decepticons' evil ways.

    I'll be seeing Astroboy next tuesday and I'll let you guys know how it goes
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    I've got the whole DVD collection - the kids love it - so have watched it all numerous times. Yes I love it for its awesomeness too, but the episodes do tend to follow the same formula that Bonk mentioned - not to mention recycling the background music clips endlessly in every episode, incomplete animations (cells not coloured in), endless character inconsistencies - colour, names, size - the most cringeworthy dialogue imaginable, plot holes you could fly Unicron through...yada yada yada. Yes it all adds to the charm :D But I wouldn't be holding up the movie plot against Transfomers G1 as poor in comparison :LOL:

    Watch that clip I posted - it's hysterical, especially if you're familiar with the series. Then watch this one for another laugh:

  14. Ahh DR SMOOV, his videos are awesome too haha
    Especially "the rude awakening of optimus prime", that's a classic :D

    Amongst the cringeworthy dialogue, there's some hilarious ones too!
    Megatron: Starscream...you're either lying or stupid.
    Starscream: I'm stupid! I'm stupid!!!
  15. (y)=P~=P~
  16. Took my 9yo nephew to see it late this arvo and it wasn't bad although I think I enjoyed it more than my nephew did. He didn't want to go but I kind of forced him and it cost me dinner at Hungry Jacks to get him to go with me.

    It's a prequel in that it explains how Astro Boy came about which is something I cant remember from the original cartoon series (well it was a loooooooooong time ago).
  17. Just got back from the cinemas.
    It's like the Transformer movies - As a stand alone movie, it's ok but as an Astroboy movie..it felt kinda wrong.