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Anyone seen a streefightered VFR800?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I can't seem to find any! There are some hints on here, going back to 2005, but all the links are dead. Weighing up my options now that my TRX is dead...

    Can it be done or are they butt ugly under there?

    Also, getting a streetfightered bike past the VIV in vic would be impossible right?


  2. Bravo! Thank you, kind sir.
  3. So I guess the answer is 'yes' and 'yes'.
  4. Yeah, that radiator is a killer, any of them have front mounted radiators?
  5. No. The 750 (my model), does, but once they introduced the 800, they went to side-mounted rads.
  6. I was riding along next to a guy who'd streetfightered his 4th Gen 750. Look awesome! He'd made high risers, had sexy dirtbike style bars, a trick front mounted radiator, Speed Triple style headlights and a painted frame to hide the ugly fairing mounts. I spoke to him at the lights and it was still a work in progress. Should be a ripper once it's finished.
  7. Until I saw these photos I thought they would make a good streetfighter.
  8. And this one appeaed in "Rapid" magazine a few years ago and I have a heap of pics of it but I can only find one. Note that, even though this IS an 800, the builder has moved the radiator back into the more conventional position and put a small shroud around it which makes it a much more pleasing design. He has also moved the radiator catch tank to somewhere you can't see it, too.

    I actually like this a whole lot. If I had the money, I'd like to build something like it.


    PS: Let me know if this pic is too big. My browser thinks it's OK, but it could be a problem.
  9. I played around with this idea on my 2nd gen 750, and yes, it is a bit ugly under there. But isn't that the point?
    With the 800, I think you need to think about some kind of shroud for the rads, a la Tuono or VTR. For protection if not for aesthetics.

    I still think it could work.
  10. Actually, looking at the picture again, I am tending to think that it falls more into the category of "custom" bike rather than "street fighter".