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Anyone seen a Hobo wearing one motorbike glove? *Long Read*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Well after much internal turmoil I did it. I went out and found myself another VFR800 and bought it. What's this got to do with a Hobo and one glove? Read on and I'll guess you'll find out.

    Yes it’s my second VFR; I have always regretted selling my first one and the only reason I did was that I wanted to try more of what was out there. Currently I have an CBR600F4i, which I love to death, but I miss the longer easy rides bigger bikes like the VFR can deliver. This does mean I have two bikes now and no intention of selling either. And I am so glad it was also a decision supported by the missus (God bless her, she’s a rider too and sooo understands me. Plus my first VFR is how we met in the first place).

    This is what happened…

    My guts would tie in knots everytime I would see a blue VFR, on the road, in the shops, online… So I was spending plenty of time looking about online without the intent of buying, probably close on 6-8 months I’d say, until I could admit it to myself, I had a problem. I needed to buy a VFR.

    This lead me to a ’99 Yellow VFR with low k’s on the net (11,500). The price was way too high for me and did I say it was yellow? It was then I decided that if I got one, it’d have to be another blue one again as I figure colour is important to the beholder, (you’ve got to be proud of your ride after all).

    Given my price range, I also decided that k’s up to about 30,000 wouldn’t be too much of an issue if the bike had been well maintained. And also as it would be my second bike, the k’s I’d do on it would be shared between bikes, plus I don’t bike commute anymore.

    One boring arvo at work, surfing on Ebay, just by chance I found a ’01 Blue VFR that fit the bill, it looked just awesome (It was listed under leather jackets; Ha!).

    Needless to say like most high price items on Ebay, the VFR was passed in with no bid. So I sent the owner an email asking if they wanted to negotiate now the auction was over. Negotiate they did! And they came down a lot in price and included the roadworthy, new tyres and Ventura rack & bag.

    Two weeks later, I have a Blue VFR in the Garage and I’m missing a glove which I figure I lost in the city the morning of day of the pickup. As I rode into work with my girl on my current bike to save some time in the evening when we would pickup the VFR. She then rode it work, picking me up later to start our trek to pickup the VFR.

    It was then I realised I’d lost a glove and we got away much later than expected (as I screwed around searching everywhere for it). This was the first time I’d ever ridden without gloves (well with one glove anyway). And it was the longest windy/wet scary lane split down the Monash (with no glove on my throttle hand) ever. God my hand got cold, but the owner of the VFR loaned me his gloves for the trip home (Which I sent back via postal satchel the next day). He looked quite sad as I rode it way, he'd said he didn't want to sell it, but with a sick child he really needed the money.

    On the way home we stopped at Cleo’s in St Kilda for coffee and a relax, it was a shame Ozi wasn’t working to show him.

    And the verdict is……… I’m born again VFR rider, the bike is a dream, its like new and this time I really do appreciate the VFR so much. Proving that sometimes it’s not nostalgia that makes us do things, it's using hindsight to obtain what we really know we want!

    I know I’m lucky to be able to have two bikes, but if you can, really why not.

    So did anyone see a Hobo pick up a glove on Elizabeth St in the city two Wednesdays ago? I still wonder what became of that glove.

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words….Checkout the grin

    She's a real beauty!

    Congrats mate!
  3. Cliff's Notes:
    RedNinja got a bargain on a VFR, taking advantage of a fellow rider who has a sick child.

    j/k man :p hawt bike!
    Looks like a really nice comfy sports tourer, yeah?

    I'm in so many minds about what my next bike should be :/ I want grunt, looks, comfort, but also comfort for a pillion... just added the VFR to the list of possibles :)
  4. Awe man, now I feel guilty, I'd better go take the VFR for a spin to feel better :LOL:

    I also forgot to Mention the guy also had a GSXR600, which he'll have to share with his wife now, as they are both riders :)
  5. congrats on the pruchase, looks in good condition.

    cheers stewy
  6. Congrats!

    I'm looking at maybe getting a VFR for my next bike.
  7. Nice story, if you didn't do it now it may have never happened, take note all you procrastinators - go forth now & get the bike you want, and full marks to saying NO to yellow.

  8. Speaking as the "blessed missus" mentioned above (thanks for the lovely words redninja, you're a sweetie) I cant express enough how great this bike is from a pillion perspective. I quite like being the pillion at times, and after trying a few pillion seats, the VFR wins hands down... so Ktulu, if pillion comfort is important to you when hunting for a bike, the vfr is highly recommended, the seat isnt too high, i sit almost directly behind the rider, so dont get blown around in the wind, nor do i have to lean forward to be able to hold on to the rider, and its the smoothest ride i think i've come across, plus my legs arent cramped up, lots of room and generally just a great, comfy ride...
  9. Nahh don't feel guilty, he needed the money, the bike aint going to help the child. you worked out the deal not using that as leverage so there is no reason to feel anything other than happy that you have the bike you want.
    [EDIT]I would coment on the bike but work blocks photobucket[/EDIT]
  10. Kitzo, Smee... someone wants to talk to you over here :bolt:
  11. Hello, HELLLLLLOOOOOOO WTF is wrong with a YELLOW VFR??? there faster (exept for red ones) handle better, cost less to run, the riders are smarter AND better looking, there all round Beauuuuutifull bikes.

    Congrats man, welcome back to the sport tourer side of life.
    PS i made up the bit about the riders being smarter.

    Oh PPS and the bit about the looks. :biker:
  12. I hear you .. I miss my '01 blue VFR too :(
  13. congrats on the nice bike, im sure you'll enjoy it.

    I also lost a glove around the elizabeth st bike shops, but it was a couple of months ago now. i had them in my helmet while i was walking aound between stores and it must have fallen out. bit of a bummer as i had to go straight back into the store and buy a new set.

    so maybe what we should be looking for is a fully gloved up hobo hoping to stumble on a bike to match their gloves. haha.