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Anyone score a free bike cover?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Markee, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone score a free Famous bike cover over the last week here in Melbourne?

  2. Um no
    Please expline
  3. I know a bunch of people who got this free cover and polishing cloth in Sydney (parked in cbd)
  4. I got a free bike cover! :D I thought 'who the **** has left this bag of crap on my bike?' only to be pleasantly surprised!
  5. Bike Cover??? @ Price Waterhouse Coopers' spaces they hung plastic bags with polishing cloth, and magazine... didn't see anyone with a cover.

  6. do you have a scooter. if so the bag is the cover
  7. Down at docklands it was jus the polish cloth.
    Sounds like they were running short by the time they got to the bottom of the city
    Looks like they are really pushing for market share
  8. LOLiness. that was just what i needed at a boring day at work. ^^
  9. Yep - got a free cover.

    Had the same plastic bag on the bike yesterday that had the polishing cloth in and saw another on the bike today so just thought they were a bit stupid to be targeting the same section but low a behold a free bike cover - probably about the first useful freebie I have ever received!

    If anybody really really wants one there are a ton of bikes lined up at the corner of William and Bourke with as yet "unclaimed" bike covers hanging of the handlebars.

    Is it technically theft to take something that was free and the person didn't even know they had received it?!?!?!
  10. Yes it is...
  11. Damn!

    I've just listed 20 of them on ebay.

    I had better go and put them back!
  12. Damn!

    I just bought one on eBay.

    Bad feedback for you!
  13. Oh no,

    my crime of the century is all going horribly wrong.

    The shame of a hefty prison sentence AND bad ebay feedback looms!!!!
  14. I know,

    as penance for my crime.

    I won't actually put the covers back but I will keep them at my office and every morning I'll run out and cover the bikes that I took them off as they arrive and then remove them just after 5pm so everybodies bikes stay dry.

    I'll just have to live with the bad ebay feedback.
  15. Prison is nothing compared to bad ebay feedback.
  16. Nice advertising idea!
  17. Just run out and put them everytime it rains, who knows you might get the odd day off.

    That's true, prison you can get out of with good behaviour, bad ebay feedback is for life!!!