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anyone riding tonight?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by trd2000, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. no learner run last night and i have a pass out till about10pm so thinking of going for a cruise about the place.... anyone else gonna head out after work?

  2. Wish I could but I have to wash my hair :)
    Seriously though, have fun and I hope you get some takers.
  3. ahhhh bugger it.. "Check NR THEN have beer"
  4. Where are you located and thinking of heading too? I live in Cranbourne
    Ill be keen on a ride any time after 6:45 :)
  5. kk might head down beach rd and across to cranny/berwick round 6.45....

    [MENTION=33625]Nosoh[/MENTION] is down that way too i think... as is [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION]

    Berwick Springs Maccas (berwick-cranbourne rd) 7pm???
  6. I'd love to go, but I'm too slow :(
  7. Yelp to easy see you there... My number is 0430354983 and I'll be on the green 250 :)
  8. No shit. I'm half a dozen in and thinking much the same. Sigh.
  9. I went and played with Suprise heated grip issue.. cant find fault.. so removed harness with control box and made everything safe and waterproof.. will leave it there until winter approaches again and either replace with same or replace with oxfords but at least i have a nice spare relayed power supply under the headstock now.. (and my right hand wont melt to the throttle)

    So at least i played with it.. took the panniers off too in anticipation of my new soft panier frames arriving friday. give everything a nice big clean tomorrow before i start bolting bits on over dust.
  10. Sorry, couldn't play tonight. Had to go to sister's to organise the stuff I'm taking to Adelaide on Saturday for my son, then picking up his bike to bring back here for streetmaster to fix.

    Damn waste of time tho..I thought we'd be collecting all the stuff together to get ready to load on Friday - no, all she wanted was to show me what was to go. Geez, just tell me on Friday when I bring the trailer ffs.
  11. Cheers for the ride, but annoyed you convinced me to upgrade to a 600 and not a 1000 :p
  12. haha no worries.... thanks for comin!