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Anyone riding this weekend?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lucky, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Is there anyone from around the north/north west side of the city going for a decent ride this weekend??
    My friends are softcocks and dont want to ride in the cold!

  2. Looks like rain this weekend in Melb...If it's only patchy rain I'll be up for a ride.
  3. Sweet.
    I live up in woodend, but I'm willing to travel just about anywhere between there and the city to meet up for a ride!
  4. sorry mate but i'm a "softcocks" as well......geez its cold outside.. :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Thats what winter gear is for!
  6. Where, Melbourne?
  7. Yea, sorry dude. I should have been more specific.
    I live in Woodend which is about 70k north of the city on the Calder Fwy
  8. I could be tempted on Sunday if:

    1) Not too hungover
    2) Not too wet
    3) You've got somewhere to ride to!
  9. There is a good ride up my way which is in the motorcycle atlas.
    Or we could start at Bacchus marsh and go from there... the choices are endless :grin:
  10. I'd like to go for a ride.... but when it comes to the wet I'm a wuss.
  11. OK keep me posted, it's been too long since I got out and turned a corner or two.
  12. Well lets line something up weather permitting! :grin:

    I'll be regardless. Just would be nice to ride in a group for a change!
  13. I'd be in even if it's a little patchy as well, but not properly raining, that takes all the fun out. Either day is fine for me. Can travel (I'm south east).
  14. I have a CUNNING plan...

    How about we meet in Sunbury, then we can take off from there. I know of some pretty good roads from there.

    Either day is good for me. I guess which ever day the most people can come along would be the best!
  15. loz you know where i'll be riding in case this ride fall through ;)
  16. So u talkin sunday or saturday ????
  17. Either one.... or BOTH :grin:
  18. A good loop is Sunbury - Mt Macedon - Trentham - Blackwood - back to Melb. I may be interested, sposed to be going for a dirt bike ride on Sunday but not 100% sure. So if the weather is ok and my other plans fall through, I may tag along with the gf on the back.
  19. I was thinking sunbury, macedon, castlemaine, dalesford then we can decide to go out to the western fwy or to woodend from there

  20. Nah i'm good thanks man... The word around the paddock is that Netriders all have an uncanny knack of stacking!!! :? :?

    Touch wood.... hope no-one else does... including me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.