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Anyone riding a Gilera Runner 180?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by YeahYeah, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Howdie all,

    I have just bought a Runner SP 180 and wonder if anyone else has one - any troubles, or go fast tips?

    Cheers, Chris
  2. No one?? Does anyone have an ItalJet Dragster then? (Same engine)...
  3. they are an awesome scoot mate.

    in terms of go fast bite, maybe check out http://www.italjetdragster.com/index.html

    a great resource for dragster info.

    i'm always on the lookout for a good one, but they dont come up too often in teh papers. one day...
  4. I was recommended away from buying a Dragster as the parts are difficult to get - particularly for the 'fancy' front end which wears quickly.

    Ive been to that site, but as its not Australian it doesnt really tell me anything I dont already know...

  5. well the info is useful regardless of where the internet site is based.

    I think you'll find that there is very little info directly from Australia because this is a small market and there weren't really many Runners/Dragsters sold here.
  6. I agree... thats why Im in here looking for other owners :)

    As far as two stroke tuning etc Ive been building race engines for about 15 yrs but Im reasonably new to the scoot world and am finding that their is a distinct lack of knowledge about them here in Aus :-(

  7. absolutely. especially with the larger 2-strokers. The 50cc'ers are reasonably well represented.

    I've got a mate who has a Dragster. He uses this guy who is an old Vespa expert. So i assume he is used to working with old 2-strokes.

    Obviously, what you want is to find someone who is really passionate about the scoot. Unfortunately i cant help you with anyone in Melbourne.
  8. Kart engine builders have a lot of knowledge with 2 strokes so I would check with them.
  9. As mentioned earlier Ive been building 2 strokes for 15 yrs - I used to race karts, then I raced cars, and now I build 2 stroke race engines in the bike industry...

  10. G`day
    I have a stock dragster with 20000Ks on it now and haven`t had to many problems
    apart from the bushes in the front end and the battery going flat .
    I have found it hard to get any go fast bits here but there seems to be plenty in the UK for both Dragsters and the Runners
  11. Hi Chris
    I have 2000 Runner 180 and had no problems in 20.000km except riding in the rain and the engine dying when I'm in the right hand lane of the freeway for about 10sec before refiring something to be aware of. I have only seen one other SP180 and that was in Dynon Rd. I keep thinking I wil get rid of it and get the Benelli 400 but that is even more of an orphan. At the end of the day with parts available, 120kph top speed and as fast from the lights as a hoon in his 6 cyl commodore I may aswell keep it. Of course Malossi suspension and PM tuning parts would be nice if I had a spare $4000+
  12. At least someone else out there has one!

    Any idea where I can get a new radiator cap from locally?

  13. Not meaning to sound rude, but why do you have to get it locally? Surely in all this time you could have got one from overseas and had it by now?

    Not having a go at you, just wondering is all.
  14. Only decided on Saturday that I need a new radiator cap - figured for such a small part itd be easier to get it locally...

  15. Try PS they are the distributor seems by observation many frame/ancillary parts are same as the VXR failing that they all leak on the SP's so try any cap that fits or there are forums on yahoo with more clever bods than me